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all institutions of higher should adopt technical and vocational training

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Started: 9/29/2014 Category: Education
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institutions of higher learning play a pivotal role in the proper establishment of the economy and the basic social life on any individual.
thus students are suppose to be equipped with the practical know how on how to execute certain duties.
practical advantage enables one to start his own work shop or be very much acceptable in the working industry for less time is required to train personel


Not all colleges and universities are prepared to open vocationally-oriented departments and programs they don't already have. If a new program would duplicate existing programs in the community, it could even be counterproductive. Yet, penalizing schools for failing to open such programs could impact the job market too. Some jobs require special knowledge, but many don't. Hart Research Associates has done a survey of 300 employers showing they agree:

Debate Round No. 1


endemera forfeited this round.


Continuing from my last post: Hart discovered that 86% of their respondents indicated critical thinking as needed for success at their shops, versus only 56% citing knowledge of science or tech. In 2006, The Washington Post noted that the FBI had only 33 Arabic-speaking analysts crucial to its antiterrorist efforts. Language specialists usually get first training in a humanities department:
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by hatshepsut 3 years ago
I got into this one but the other party may be offline. It should be continued later with 2 or 3 days to post answers.
Posted by hatshepsut 3 years ago
Liberal arts graduates can do well in the job market. They don't get the high salaries business or engineering promises, but they still make about 60%-70% more than those with only a high school diploma. Liberal arts is a good platform for going into law or politics. There's no reason to cut it off.
Posted by RoyLatham 3 years ago
The "all" part of the resolution is subject to debate. Are divinity schools really vocational training for occupations as priests? Should liberal arts specialty schools really be banned? I guess that's why it's up for debate.

There is a general trend towards more technical and vocational training, but it is still way short of what the country needs. A friend of mine teaches graduate engineering in New York State. I asked him why more than half his students were from mainland China. He said, "It's because that's who applies."

The US government should stop subsidizing loans for liberal arts degrees. That would sober up the system.
Posted by UndeniableReality 3 years ago
I was under the impression that all institutions of higher learning (or certainly the vast majority) already do include technical and vocational training to varying degrees, and that there has been a greater trend of more technical and vocational training occurring right now.
Posted by funnycn 3 years ago
Cheyennebodie is right. The liberals come off as "kind" and "loving" but they're really robbing you blind, especially if you're conservative. They also don't realize the consequences of disarming the nation and not funding the military.

Unarmed nation + at war = Citizens dying

Low budget military + at war = Nation dying
Posted by cheyennebodie 3 years ago
What basic social life. Drinking and sex parties. There are already technical schools.But parents push little Johnny to go to college so he can make it rich. When all the time little Johnny would be much better suited as a carpenter or something.

Most " higher learning" places push those who are not all that smart or disciplined into liberalism. Or into the social jobs. being busybodies in other peoples lives. Mostly in government beauracracies.
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