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animals are not as skillful or intelligent as humans.

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Started: 1/28/2018 Category: People
Updated: 5 months ago Status: Debating Period
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Hi fellow voters and honorable debater, welcome to this debate! I am honored to have a debate with you.
Here are the most basic rules of this debate:
No foul language or hostile words.
NO forfeiting is allowed
First round: opening, definition and first point.(affirmative will rebuttal too)
Second round: rebuttals and second point
Third round: rebuttals, third point(if you have one) and summary
First, I would like to give a couple definitions to this motion:
Intelligent:smart, knowing stuff.
Skillful: Has skills in something, anything. But good in it
Animals:mammals, insects, birds, fish, reptile.
Now, I will point out why I oppose this topic.
First of all, animals have a point same as us. They have their own language. Can you understand why your dog is barking at you? Do you know what are the lions roaring about? No! We can't understand what animals are talking about, but some animals know what we are talking about. Say, a trained dog knows when to sit and when to follow. We just yell "sit!". Secondly, a few varies of animals have the intelligence of a kid. Dolphins have the intelligence of a 3-year old kid. Chimps even have intellect of a 7-year old kid!
Well sorry I was talking about intellect and forgetting about skills. Animals have skills human doesn't know. Wolves have perfect teamwork, catching prey successfully without teamwork problems, but us, in a school team project, we'd fight more that doing stuff and ends up not quick enough to finish a project. spiders can get food themselves by making silk webs. Us? we buy silk clothing with money not for food but for something unnecessary.
So dear voters, I urge you all to vote for the negative side.


Animals are as skilled as humans because of 1. dolphins and scientific research also known as research. if you haven't read the articles of something my opponent has failed to do read the internet. If you want to see evidence, then here is a website
Debate Round No. 1


First of all, I can't really rebuttal because the affirmative side got off topic......
But the good thing is he loses a chance to point out. Secondly, My argument is that humans don't have good quality like animals like crows. Crows take care of their parents untill they die, but human, well, they just take care of their parents if they like to when they are old.

Pro If you watch this it will show how smart pigeons are to move a flying bomb to their target By touching the plate and they were almost always successful.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TRS13gd 5 months ago
I agree that animals have their own skills as we humans do, but they don't possess the same level of intelligence as ours. Although it's true that they can be trained, the extent of knowledge they can learn from being trained is much more limited than that of humans. If they are as smart as humans, they could have done so many creative works that would improve their livings, like building new tools, inventing new ways of hunting, and trying to make their food more delicious like what we humans have been doing now.
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