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anti fear=thinking about it is pointless without havning seen it

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Started: 10/25/2015 Category: Religion
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having no fear, is accepting now as it is


This is my first debate in a while and hope that we can have an interesting discussion.

Vi Spex say that not having fear is accepting now as it is and not thinking about something without seeing it yet. This is not a very clear definition.

I am betting that Vi Spex means that if you are afraid of something you can get rid of this fear by not thinking about it if it has not happened yet, and just accepting that it will happen.
Debate Round No. 1


thinking about it is pointless without having seen it, having knowledge of it

so you know the future?


We are not in complete control of our thoughts. Have you ever tried to stop thinking when you try to go to sleep? It is very difficult to do for very long. So trying to stop thinking about something you are afraid of is not going to completely work.

Often when you are trying to stop thinking something you fear makes you even more fearful because you star thinking about not thinking about it, and then you just start thinking about it more.

Not thinking about it can help but it can't eliminate fear. In fact nothing can really eliminate fear. We just sometimes have to be brave.

Trying to accept something that is going to happen will help but the fear is going to be there. Lets say you are going to have a painful surgery next week. You won't be able to completely stop thinking about it. Even if you accept that this is going to happen, there is still going to be fear.

But there is a point to sometimes think about something you fear. Maybe you might just find a solution, a way to avoid pain.
Debate Round No. 2
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