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apples vs oranges

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Started: 6/22/2016 Category: Society
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I must argue why apples are better than oranges and my opponent must argue why oranges are better than apples.


I accept. Oranges can be better than apples. Oranges have lots of vitamin C, and, when I look at the chart I have hanging in the pantry of vitamin-rich fruit, apples aren't even on there. If someone has something like a vitamin C deficiency, they can have oranges, while apples can't do that. So my first argument is that oranges have multitudes of vitamins, while apples have little vitamin nutrition.
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for your acceptance, Con.

oranges *can* be better than apples in some ways. This isn't what con must prove though. Con must show why apples are better than oranges. He must show why an orange is preferable to an apple and I must show why an apple is preferable to an orange. Being able to name just one aspect of the fruit that's better than the other doesn't meet the burden of proof for neither him nor I.

My opponent says that oranges have higher levels of vitamin C and oranges offer better nutritional value overall.

Let's investigate to see if this is true.

It's pretty well known that oranges do have higher levels of vitamin C. Apples still contain vitamin C but to a smaller extent.

My opponent hasn't proven that oranges have better overall nutritional value than apples so I'll wait for him to provide evidence of that.

Now that I've responded to my opponent's case, here is why apples are better than oranges.

The following facts are taken from

Apple pie is preferred roughly 2:1 over orange pie.

Apples keep doctors away. Oranges don't.

Apples don't have a gross navel. Oranges do.

Apples win favor with your teachers. Oranges don't.

Apples you can eat without peeling. Oranges need peeling.

Apples rhyme with rhyme with stuff. Oranges don't.

Apples don't have stringy stuff. Oranges do. made $63.5 billion in revenue in 2010. only made $44 million that same year.

The answer is clear. Apples are better than oranges.

Over to Con.


Wow. I hope that you are young and/or this is one of your first debates. On DDO, in debates, someone brings up between one and three arguments, and then the contender rebuts those and gives between one and three more arguments. But, whatever. I'll play your game:

I don't need evidence. Everybody knows that oranges are more nutritious than apples.
I've never heard of orange pie, and I thought that we were talking about the fruit, not what you can make with it. Anyways, apple pie doesn't even taste like apples that much.
That's a myth.
It's fun to peel and take out the stuff in oranges.
Who even takes apples to teachers anymore!? And if they do, it doesn't win favor because then they have an apple sitting on their desk all day, and by the end of the day, it's bad.
'Apples' doesn't rhyme with 'rhyme with stuff'.
We are talking about the fruit, not the companies.

Those are my rebuttals, and here are my arguments from my brain, which means I can think of them without having to look things up.

Oranges come in less variety, making them easier to choose from. This is easier on the brain.
Oranges must be so good, they even named a color after them.
Oranges are round, making them fun to roll around. Apples are less rollable.
The Cuties" Company named their oranges Cuties. Apples are named.......what?
I can't think of any huge apple companies right now, but there's a big orange company.
Apples can have bruises, making their taste unpredictable. Citrus is much easier to predict.
It's fun to spit out the seeds you find in oranges, but it tastes bad to go to the center of an apple. Plus, apple seeds aren't good for spitting.

Oranges are unmistakably better than apples.

Side note to Pro: I'll be going camping and won't be back positively into Internet service till Thursday. Please wait as long as possible to post your argument. I'll put it in comments when I'm back into service :-) Thanks!
Debate Round No. 2


Thanks, Con.

My opponent appears to be shocked and frustrated that I brought up more than "one to three arguments" and hopes that I am either young and/or this is one of my first debates. She ends this thought by saying "But, whatever. I'll play your game."

When I asked her to provide evidence that oranges are more nutritious than apples overall she said that "she doesn't need evidence" and concluded her second round with a request that I wait as long as possible until posting my next round because she decided to go camping.

This is a half-serious debate about whether apples are preferable to oranges or whether oranges are preferable to apples.

Apples are the main ingredient in Apple pie. If you like Apple pie, this could affect your preference for apples over oranges. Apple pie can taste very much like apples with some good home recipes.

Peeling oranges is time consuming if you're looking for a quick snack. It's also messy. Nobody likes cleaning up old pieces of orange peel left on the counter. The stringy "stuff" in oranges isn't fun to take out, it's pretty gross, messy, and bland tasting.

People who still take apples to teachers are the people who still take apples to teachers. It's a nice gesture and it would certainly win some favor with the teacher. Apples don't go bad by sitting out for a day. You can leave apples out for weeks and they won't go bad.

Apples rhyme with chapel. What does orange rhyme with? Orange doesn't rhyme with anything. There are way more things that Apple rhymes with. Apples don't have a negative connotation of not being able to rhyme with anything. This could make apples preferable.

We are talking about fruit and not companies, but psychologically, a highly successful company named after a fruit could affect your preference for it. Conversely, a terrible company named after a different fruit, let's say Orange, could affect your preference for that fruit as well.

Oranges come in less variety but now your choices are more limited. People who don't like green apples can eat red ones and people who don't like red ones can eat green ones. Oranges are just orange. Variety is good and allows a greater audience to partake in eating the fruit.

They didn't name the color orange after the fruit, they named the fruit after the color.

Oranges are more rounded and rollable, but if you dropped a basket of fruit right outside the supermarket your oranges are going to roll away and your apples are gonna stay right next to you. Even if you decided not to eat the fruit since you dropped and damaged them, the apples would be easier to pick up since they'd be near you. The roundedness of oranges also encourages unsanitary practices of rolling the fruit everywhere and possibly damaging it through the skin.

My opponent previously argued that whatever companies are named after fruit is irrelevant but argues that Cuties named their oranges Cuties. It can't be both ways.

Fuji is a large apple company.

You can see the bruises on apples, making it easy to avoid eating the damaged part. When oranges are damaged it's a different shade of orange meaning that it's harder to see and you're probably more likely to eat the bad area. Bad citrus tastes horrible, much worse than an apple that starts to go bad. Apples when they start to go bad taste bland but when oranges start to go bad they taste strongly repugnant. It's subjective which seeds are more fun to spit out, I think apples seeds are more fun. You can't eat an apple core, and an apple core tastes bad, but you also can't eat an orange peel and an orange peel tastes bad.

The choice is clear: apples are better than oranges.


MWonderWolf forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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