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are bandhs or strikes solution to any problems?

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Started: 8/8/2013 Category: Education
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strike are being done in many parts of world are they useful?


i will love to argue on this topic.
Debate Round No. 1


YES! YES! YES! Itruely believe that bandhs and strikes are solutions to problems because as we all know now a days strike have become a major reason . Eg- the famous personality anna hazare is very much famous for his strikes and when ever he performed the strike the actions were strictly taken. like now let's discuss about the hunger strike performed by anna hazare on april 5 , 2011 & it was to exert pressure on the Indian government to enact a stringent anti-corruption law,The Lokpal Bill ,2011 as envisaged in the Jan Lokpal bill , for the institution of an ombudsman with the power to deal with corruption in public places. The fast led to nation-wide protests in support. The fast ended on 9 April 2011, a day after the government accepted Hazare's demands. The government issued a gazette notification on the formation of a joint committee, consisting of government and civil society representatives, to draft the legislation. So by this we are able to see that the strike performed by
anna hazare was taken very much strictly


Thank you,Pro. For your view.

" the famous personality anna hazare is very much famous for his strikes and when ever he performed the strike the actions were strictly taken. "

Dear pro, Bandhs and strikes result to very few good results and the results are not worth the turmoil and negative atmosphere that a bandh or strike creates. Maybe, it is that personalities like Anna Hazare have used this medium to rock the Legislative assembly,(a) but that was it. Did it cause any permanent impact? Nope. His actions were seriously taken for the time being and then what? Where is the fire that occured that time? The Lokpal Bill is and always will be a bill and never a law or ammendment. the fast ended on 9th April but did the government take any steps except to draft a simple bill? Think about it friends, many groups have protested but in vain but the organisations that have taken up alternatives like direct meetings have been able to leave an impact. The civil society representatives drafted a bill but that was all. Suppose, a group of people with anna hazare,Kiran Bedi and all other top leaders were to enter the Indian Legislate and talk with the beurocrats directly, the result would have been much better.


Imagine that you are happily travelling with your family by a train...enjoying when suddenly the train halts. People have gathered around it and protesting for some Dam to be build and to show how strong the demand is, they have stopped three trains. The protest goes on day and night...the children begin to cry, the people protesting turn out violent and start breaking and smashing things. Everything turns violent when the police turn up to stop the protest. Is this pleasant? Nope but this happens everytime(b) Strikes leads to violence...maybe not everytime but most of the time they do and this happens all over the world. An example is protests going on in the middle east.(c)


When protests and Bandhs lead to such turmoil and few results, how can we say that protests and Bandhs are very useful in the world?
Debate Round No. 2


lakshya.harjani forfeited this round.


As, my opponent forfeits, I will like to give my final words...

A Bandh or strike is okay until it is peaceful but, examples of protests and demonstrations today give a clear example of how protests are often violent and also the results to these are not satisfactory. Alternatives like meetings and conferences should be used...

Thank you.
Vote fairly.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by rajun 5 years ago
Dear voters,

The word Bandh means a stop on the normal curriculum of something. For instance, the transport service. If anymore words cloud decision, please ask and I will inform.
Thank you.
Posted by MysticEgg 5 years ago
You debate title and round one imply different debating areas. Which is it?
a)Strikes are solutions to any problem or
b)Are strikes useful?
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Vote Placed by Oromagi 5 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: I'm on pro side of the issue, but Pro's argument was too general, short, and anecdotal to persuade. Con's argument was general and anecdotal as well, but more complete than Pro. In the end, the burden of proof was on Pro, so Con wins the argument. Points to Con for conduct since Pro forfeited
Vote Placed by GOP 5 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro forfeited. Con used sources. Con also thoroughly replied to Pro's arguments. For example, Con brought up the turmoils. Like, trains could get stopped, prompting the police to come. This would stir up eventual violence, making things unpleasant in turn. S&G is also awarded to Con because his arguments were more readable. Con used good paragraph structure.