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are boys smarter than the girls?

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Started: 2/26/2014 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Yes , its a gospel not to be questioned upon.we can have its proof ratifying the various aspects ,be it be scientific or practical.according to the recent studies boys can take up the decisions more accurately and efficiently and on the contrary girls have poor thinking ability,they only pretend to empathize.though women can concentrate on many things at the same time but still they are considered less smarter than the boys.

practically,more than 90% firms prefer male CEO's.


First of all, could you define us what do you mean by "smarter " in your view? do you define smarter link to higher intelligent ? if that the case, we do have a case here. there no particular way to define intelligent accuracy if yes explain, how could one define intelligent, are you base on higher income , academic? i may be math smart but you may be art smarter? so explain please.

if we could not measure intelligent , how could u agree male are smarter than female, or any other way round.

you claim ----practically,more than 90% firms prefer male CEO's.
do higher income/post mean higher intelligent which define as smarter in our argument here?

you claim --- male decisions more accurately and efficiently and on the contrary girls have poor thinking ability .
not all male make better decisions , and not all girl have poor thinking ability , there case of other round too.
Debate Round No. 1


i have to waste my second round explaining you the meaning of 'smarter'. If u r considering it to be academic intelligence,u r wrong.academic intelligence can only be gained by those who can preferentially afford it whether they are boys or girls.u remarked that all boys can't take decision efficiently- - exceptions does exists everywhere. nothing can be perfect.I wants to proclaim that boys have strong intellectual abilities than girls
basically the smartness is one's intellect


you have indeed wasted your second round .
you have not define what intelligence mean, if you could not define it , how could you even assuming A is smarter than B.
you have not ans my question on my first round, and mirroring my question , that stupid . i did not assuming that if someone is better in academic = higher intelligence , that is your assumption .

now you claim----
academic intelligence can only be gained by those who can preferentially afford it whether they are boys or girls.

let me counter you---
almost 1,966,514,816 people in the world have internet in their houses , 3,776,514,876 people in the world have access to education,with current technology information can be easy accessed anytime, academic intelligence is not only preferentially for those who could afford it. academic intelligence is the will to learn, the will to better oneself and others .

i think there no point going on. your claim is totally flowed .
Debate Round No. 2


you claimed the figures regarding number of people having internet connections in their homes . your figures might prove mesmerizing to folks but could you provide me with the actual figures regarding iternet users world wide who are actually using internet for getting knowledge or for any fruitful purpose. I don't wanna stick figures here to make this debate futile but as per my knowledge more than 80% of the internet surfers use it for fruitless purpose either for watching porns,etc

u have written that acedemic intelligence can be attained by those who are willing to attain it,but there are thousands of live examples from second and third world countries where children have enthusiasm for studies,but they can't afford going to school.


This argument is on "are boys smarter than the girls", your question will be linked to another topic ,you HAVE NOT make a clear EXPLAIN on first and 2nd round.

With the wide available technology we have to date, information is much more fast,easy to obtain,. compare to 30years ago or before internet are available , do u agree education is wider and more accessible now compare to 30years ago? of course its up to oneself to attained as a "porn" master or "subject" master.

for some second and third world countries where children did not received education, i strongly hope there a great chance for them to be education as my belief are , education should be for every child be it girl or boy.
overall no one should be judged as less smarter, less intelligent . be it lack of education, or be it they are girl or boy.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by MrSykoCat 3 years ago
I'm gonna support humanright2debate here, but not for the same reason. loveneet_bangar, your basing your arguments off an ancient collection of unreliable, contradictory wrightings from 1,981 yearsish ago created to (probably) form a religion in order to control people, plus your imagining evidence into existence. Your argument is fundementally flawed.
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Vote Placed by Zarroette 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: The S&G was a notable feature of this debate, but for all the wrong reasons. As Con pointed out, CEO status is not necessarily an indicator of how smart someone is. The rest of Pro's arguments were mere assertions, and weren't really arguments. Besides, Con adequately addressed the crux of Pro's arguments, so arguments to Con.