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are cats or dogs better.

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Started: 3/10/2017 Category: People
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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cats are way better than dogs


I have a cat, his name is Jax and he is almost a year old now. Jax is awesome. He uses the litter box and he is easy to take care of. However, he is not a dog, and never will be. Cats are not nearly as "domesticated" as dogs, meaning that they have a way more instinctive way of living. There is not much wrong with that, IF you teach them right at an early age. If Jax doesn't get played with enough, he will sprint through the room, attacking shoes, boxes, and anything else that he thinks will run. For an animal that people say is easier to take care of, this can be a hassle to handle when trying to sleep. Jax also has his own agenda, if he wants to love you, he WILL love you. But if he doesn't, he really doesn't, and often will not let you pet him. This is how cats are across the board, most of them will only take our crap for so long. Dogs are truly man's best friend, they live to serve their master. That being said, you call for the dog and he will come. You discipline the dog, and he will learn. Dogs have more more capabilities to help their owners. How many service cats have you seen? Exactly. While cats may prove to be easier to take care of, dogs will always be more versatile and enjoyable to keep around.
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Posted by michael.syrstad 1 year ago
Dogs are better- i have two and i like them for hunting, hugging, and running outside with them. Dogs are better to have in the country because they dont run away but cats are better for towns.
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