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are religious people right or correct for acclaiming certainity?

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Started: 10/18/2013 Category: Philosophy
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i would like to take a position where i am likely to question the certainty of religious mindset. its just an argument based dialogue. i read this argument on one of the opinions that allah is god and everybody should better start praying, which is quite ignorant of the fact that there are other people who are making sound arguments but some of us can claim anything we like. i hope to have a great and intellectually sound debate


I seek refuge with Allah (swt) from Satan the rejected, in the name of Allah (swt) Most Gracious Most Merciful

Islam is the most rational view, because Allah (swt) exist

There are 5 reasons why

1. God makes sense of the beginning of the universe.

The universe can't be eternal because it can't be infinite, because it is made up of bits and pieces of matter, the infinite is indivisible because what is infinity divided by three? It leads to contradictory answers

the Big Bang proves the universe had a beginning

The Oscillating Universe Model doesn't work because of entropy, the fact there is no known law for a big crunch to bounce into a big bang, and because dark energy is going to kill the universe in a big freeze not a big crunch

there for the universe must have come from nothing, created itself, or had a creator

1. It couldn't have come from nothing because that is impossible, also virtual particles come from something which is the Quantum Vacuum, which is not nothing, but a a finite something which is part of the universe, therefore it too would need a creator
2. It couldn't have created itself because for the same reason as your mother can't give birth to herself
3. It had to have a Creator

This Creator must be eternal, so He won't require an explanation, He must be immaterial so He can be infinite, and He must be intelligent so He could choose to create the universe. He is already beginning to sound like Allah (swt)

2. Transcendental Argument: The laws of logic (the law of identity, the law of non contradiction, and the law of excluded middle) exist. they are immaterial because they are not made up of atoms, atheism/materialism can't account for them but theism can therefore God exists

When we use Logic and Reasoning we are referring to God's perfect mind and thinking Alhumdulillah

3. Moral argument: Why is it wrong to kill people? If there is no God and no final judgement, I can go around and kill as many people as I want and get away with it. Who would stop me? Objective Moral Values exist therefore God exists

4. Bio genesis: We can't create life, and we are the smartest living things on the planet, so how could the most primitive form of life create itself? It doesn't make sense and isn't possible, therefore there has to be a being greater than us who created life, and that is God

5. The Quranic Argument: Muhammad (saw) was an illiterate man and knew nothing about poetry also. How could he create a master piece then which no one else can create? The Quran alone is both prose and poetry, all other books fall into only one category, the Quran is the only form of arabic literature that is both, and if you have doubt it is the Word of God, then create a chapter like it,

but not even the poets of arabia could do that, not even with our modern day technology can we do that, Therefore the Book is a miracle, Therefore God exists

If we can't create the Quran now, an illiterate and unpoetic man couldn't create it then, therefore God is the Author

Since the Quran is from God, therefore Islam is the correct religion, and we Muslims are right and correct for claiming certainty

I would invite you to Islam it is the only correct religions, so repent and believe in Islam today and submit to the Will of Allmighty Allah (swt)


and may God Bless you inshallah

Debate Round No. 1


macspider forfeited this round.


Well it appears my opponent forfeited this round

What was he thinking making each round only 12 hour long?

As I said earlier the God of Islam Allah (swt) exists and He alone is the only God, so therefore Islam is the correct religion

I already gave my reasons and arguments why Allah (swt) exists

I hope to see Con in the next round if not my case remains solid inshallah

Debate Round No. 2


macspider forfeited this round.


Well I guess Con forfeited

Vote Pro.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by tahir123 2 years ago
Jazakallah IslamAhmadiyyah
Posted by IslamAhmadiyya 2 years ago
AHH I'm sorry for forgetting to vote, I say Tahir won HANDS DOWN.
Posted by tahir123 3 years ago
This debate is unfair the time limit is too short, don't post your arguments until after 8 today because my computer only turns on after 7 tommorow
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