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are republicans a better choice then democrats in the 2016 election

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Started: 11/29/2015 Category: Politics
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republicans are better then democrats because of problems with democratic candidates. they are all a bunch of nobody and fools with the exception of Bernie sanders. but even sanders policy is flawed. the legalization of weed is one of those mistakes.


I accept the debate challenge

Bernie Sanders is a good choice and I think even Hillary or Martin O Malley is better than any of the clowns of the GOP

Also why is weed legalization wrong?
Debate Round No. 1


if something is profitable that doesn't make it right. week is bad for ur healtht


Well my opponent didn't really expand so I wont either

By using your definition "if something is profitable that doesn't make it right. week is bad for ur healtht"

That was word for word

Anyway using this definition alcohol, cigarettes, and guns should be outlawed. Alcohol can destroy your brain cells quicker than weed and is more deadly than weed. Cigarettes cause lung cancer and kills over 400,000 Americans every year. Over 800 Americans have died after the Paris attacks due to gun violence.

So basically you just want to restrict Americans as much as possible. Classic republicans


And this is a 2013 videos detailing gun violence
Debate Round No. 2

Pro read this article weed causes magor brain damage. also it will be more easy for youngsters to get ahold of it


The difference between our sources is that I posted a article from the Center of Drug abuse

And you posted one from right wing news.

Yes I know weed causes a loss of brain cells and decline in IQ after a long period of use. But that applies to alchohol too.

The annual death rate for cigarettes in US: 400,000

Annual death from alchohol: 2.5 million deaths world wide

Annual death in US for Weed: 0

Yes that's right and it says so right here:

If your really concerned with brain damage then protest alchohol since that causes more loss of life and more brain damage than weed ever will
Debate Round No. 3


you are right about alcohol causing deaths but if u remember prohibition era violence u know that did not end well. however the weed problem could be tackled as it is not as widely consumed. ive been to Colorado were weed is legal and the streets of downtown Denver are filled with druggies. as a result more weed addicts are arriving in Denver and hence many normal people don't want to live there anymore. my own friends live there and they think that legalizing weed is on of the worst decisions ever. i heard that the economy is declining because of this.


The economy strengthens if weed is legalized

This will add more revenue to the federal government.

Also weed doesn't make you violent it actually makes you sedated. Alcohol is more likely to cause you to commit violent acts than weed ever will

Your argument for alcohol was that there was violence? Seriously? Then your condoning all the violence that people caused for weed?

Debate Round No. 4


this has turned into a weed battle when the original topic was republican or democratic. on the democratic side of things Hillary Clinton is a corrupt politician who took millions of dollars of bribes from Russia. Bernie sanders identifies him self as a democratic SOCIALIST. as a young person he was a member of the youth socialist party witch was very left leaning. he will quite simply not be nominated to be a democratic party candidate because of that one word SOCIALIST. instead Hillary will be nominated and as i already said she is corrupt and cannot be chosen as president. that leaves the republicans


Okay firstly Bernie Sanders is not really a socialist. He is a capitalist. Why he calls himself that I don't know but he's not a socialist. Socialism is the collective ownership and distribution by the people. There is no money or government leaders

Here ill give a link to a REAL socialist party fighting for REAL socialism:

Hillary Clinton, while she has been getting funded by many corporations, is nothing compared to the corruption of the republican candidates. The problem is that republicans being corrupt is just the norm. They get funded by big corporations and don't do what the American people want. Ex: The minimum wage.

Lets look at the most likely Republican Choices

Donald Trump: Radical who has no political experience. "We are going to go in there and take their oil" Yes......Yes he said that. Donald Trump can be effectively classified as a facist

Marco Rubio: Crows about being a champion on people living paycheck to paycheck...........raises their taxes in his national tax plan

Ben Carson: Doctor who has no political experience. Says being gay is a choice and literally believes in the bible even though science proves that wrong
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by ivan2002 1 year ago
if the liberals had had their ways then all aspects of american culture would be erased. their sly treacherous ways will cause america to lose all sorts of cohesion and will create the doom of our great nation. it was supposed to last 10000 years but it now looks like it will founder before its 300 birthday. on such problem facing us is even more prevalent in Europe accepting to much immigrants is cultural suicide and will lead to the downfall of many formally great nations. this is especially true when considering Islamic immigrants because they do not get assimilated by western culture and stay Islamic even when living here. this is very dangerous as Islam(barbaric oppression) and the west(freedom and democracy) do not and will NEVER mix. one might have noticed news coming out of France several months of Muslim migrants rioting in the housing facilities. i also saw a video of migrants attacking bus and truck drivers crossing the tunnel between France and England. if That is what liberals call a religion of peace they are simply delusional
Posted by AgentRocks 1 year ago
Something I'm surprised about is how most Republican supporters lack grammatical use and don't justify their responses. Merely stating them doesn't help prove a point at all. In fact, that makes me feel that you not only have lacked intelligence, but interest toward that subject matter.
Posted by Reformist 1 year ago
Look Pro we are not getting anywhere

And if you keep going like this I am going to win

Your grammar and sourcing are lacking and the only thing that might help you is the arguments

But your not posting any arguments, just brief statements rebutting what I said. Very poor rebuttals too as well
Posted by Reformist 1 year ago
I said it was partly caused by climate change.

However ISIS is primarily due to George Bush's religious war into Iraq
Posted by ivan2002 1 year ago
i also belive in globel warming but to say it caused isis is stupid
Posted by Reformist 1 year ago

Climate Change has been proven by scientists and majority of scientific community knows that it is affected by greenhouse gas emissions by humans

Also climate change caused Paris attacks? Well actually partly yes. ISIS actually got much support and many soldiers because they were lacking resources in the region. Mainly ISIS grew to Power thanks to republican George Bush. But climate change didn't mainly cause the paris attacks. Bush did

Obama is mainly going for natural gases. His stance on the Keystone pipeline was that the enviornemnet could be affected and that he wants America to turn to natural gases and not more oil

Also Syrian refugees go through 18-24 months of physical searches and mental interrogation by 4 different intelligence agencies to make sure they are properly vetted

Democrats don't seem stupid when you expand on what they say don't they?

Posted by Golfer15 1 year ago
Sgcg81 how do we even know that climate change is real?? Give facts and proof. Also, the democrats blamed climate change on the terrorist attacks in paris?? What?? Hate to say it but that is quite stupid. Also the Republicans are not the only ones in the pockets of oil. What energy has Obama started going to? Also, DEMOCRATIC President Obama slammed all the republicans on the Syrian issue. You really want over 10,000 immigrants who we don't know who they are to come over to our country??? :)
Posted by sgcg81 1 year ago
I do not think the republicans are better a better choice for the 2016 election.
one of the most important issues that is facing this country is climate change and the ramifications
of this change.
the republican party has spent most of there time calling climate change a hoax.
nothing could be further from the truth, the real truth here is the republicans have there hands in the pockets of big oil.
because of this they are missing the thousands of jobs that can be created by simply putting more
money in renewable energy such as solar and wind and other potential forms of energy.
we need to begin to transition to these other forms of energy.
we need to stop burning coal as this is the filthiest form of energy out there.
we are facing incredible crisis by the turn of the century if we do not undertake this energy change.
now I realize that almost all of us will be long gone by the turn of century but a journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step. and this step must be taken now in order to stave off the worst effects of climate change.
my point is this by the turn of century the population of earth will skyrocket to some 11 billion people.
currently the population is some 7 billion. this is an increase of 57%.
which means the challenge of securing resources will become harder as resources become more scarce.
climate change will effect food production and many cities of the world will be submerged in water.
this will create tremendous pressures which will lead nations to go to war.
which will create a war of devastating proportions. climate change will be the fuse that lights the match.
this will happen and it is only a question of when.
back to this election, if a political party can only state that is issue is a hoax than how can they be trusted to govern.
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