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are transgenders real

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Started: 7/27/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
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Really? Are you willing to tell me that the surgical process I went through is "fake". Are you willing to be that conservative and deny the fact that there are NOT only 2 genders? Well I urge you to come and say all that blasphemy you're saying to my face. I urge you to come say different that the millions of transgender people around the world. Be my guest and come prove to me how here are ONLY 2 genders. I. DARE. YOU.


Thank you for taking the time to debate this topic with me. However, I stand by my stance that there only exists 2 gender units, male and female. To say that any gender exist is heresy, for there is absolutely zero scientific proof that one can be transsexual at birth due to genetics. It is arguable that at the toddler age everybody in the world is "cis", and it was only at a later stage that some of us starts to hate our own genders due to certain disadvantages that comes along with the package. As the saying goes, "the grass is always greener on the other side", in such situations one might feel envy towards the other gender, and as a means of "bettering" ourselves, we would resort to changing our gender. Another reason for making such bizarre changes is the idea of "rebellion". In our increasingly liberal society, people who commit radical deeds or hold radical mindsets are often seen as "hip" or "cool". In fact, there are many cases of teenagers today making falsifying claims of either being a "gay" or a "trans" as an attempt of being viewed as "different" and therefore stand out among the crowd. (ironically speaking at this rate where the liberal pandering is going such people will be considered a norm) Being a "transgender" is definitely nurture and not nature. One is never a transgender at birth and as such is only a form of escapism.

Furthermore, it is noteworthy that none of the major civilizations in the past recognised any gender beyond the two fundamental ones. The closest equivalent is the practice of crossdressing among young boys. In the largely patriarchal medieval societies, women are not allowed to act on stage and women characters are played by young boys who are yet to hit puberty and hence their voices do not break. Even then, they are not legitimately transsexual as they remain as "cisgender" outside their professional life. The concept of having a third gender was non-existent in the past and it was only adopted in the modern world because it fits into the liberal agender.

Don't get me wrong, denying equal rights to transgenders is not what I stand for. They are humans after all, and should be accorded the liberty that comes with being a human. However, recognizing them as a third gender and giving them alternative pronouns is non-acceptable. They should be addressed according to their inherent genders.

And no, it is not blasphemy to hold this viewpoint. There exists no such proof that genetics comes to play and it is merely a mental disorder. Also, the fact that you have gone through surgical processes to remove any essence of your true identity truly appalls me. You could not have stooped more low with that decision. What is so bad about your current gender, that it convinces you to go through such radical schemes to eradicate it?

I wish you the best of luck to rid yourself of this mental disorder.
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Posted by Cloud_heartbreaker 1 year ago
Thank you so f'n much. You ,even though i don't know you, understand what i mean. @The_Debater3
Posted by JKeg 2 years ago
3) Transgendered people have feelings, too.
"recognizing them...and giving them alternative pronouns is unacceptable."
If I assume the Contender's stance that transgenderism is a disorder, why does that make me not able to accommodate those individuals? If I know what the triggers are for someone with depression, or autism, or bipolar disorder, the decent thing to do would be to avoid them. So if a transgendered person asks me to call them he instead of she, or zhe or another form, be a good person and do it. For example, I am an atheist, but people may ask for me to pray for them or a loved one. I may not believe in its effect, but I'll still do it out of respect. The same should go for everyone. The Contender is entitled to their opinion, but the world could be a little nicer if everyone treated each other with respect.
4) The "sex-change" operation is the best treatment for Gender Dysphoria.
Before, I said the Contender was entitled to their opinion, but it is NOT acceptable for them to state "Also, the fact that you have gone through surgical processes to remove any essence of your true identity truly appalls me. You could not have stooped more low with that decision." It was uncalled for, first of all, and inaccurate. If the Contender believes that transgenderism is "merely a disorder" (again, strong language), there should be methods to cope. And the best treatment with the highest satisfaction rate from transgendered individuals is the gender reassignment surgery.
Now, the question at hand is "Are transgenders real?" By my four points, they are.
1) Gender Identity is fixed, just as sexual orientation is. Being transgender is just as real.
2) Transgenders usually do not want the attention; they want to be happy. Every person has the freedom to find happiness, so transgenderism is real and not a "cry for attention."
3) Transgendered people are people with real feelings. Be nice!
4) Undergoing treatment doesn't make anyone worth less.
Posted by JKeg 2 years ago
I will say that I thought that transgender people thought of themselves to be male or female, not trans female/male. (I do recognize this, though, and bigender, agender, etc.) I caution the Contender when talking about this type of subject, especially in the last paragraph, with phrases like "merely a mental disorder" and "truly appalls me." I'm not sure if the Instigator has forfeited yet, but here are my remarks (on the Pro side):
1) Gender Identity is fixed.
The Contender said that "one is never a transgender at birth" while the prevailing studies show that transgenderism is actually decided in the womb. From brain autopsies of transgender and "cisgender" individuals, the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis in the hypothalamus is reported to be an area that determines transgenderism. (Source: Also, there are few studies on transgenderism overall but none that are conclusive that transgenderism is "nuture [instead of] nature." The research points to gender identity being fixed in individuals and independent from sex (chromosomes) and sexual orientation. Also, I remember when I was a kid, I once thought, "It would be less stressful to be a girl." This didn't cause me to change, and I'm still happy as a guy. However, since transgenders have their genders fixed, they can experience Gender Dysphoria because they can't change it.
2) Most transgenders do not think they are "hip" or are starting a "rebellion."
Sure, I will admit that there are some people that could identify as gay or trans to be a hipster, but do you really think that every transgender person identifies as another gender to be cool? Just ask someone, unless you assume that all of them are liars (which is also improbable). Some transgendered people have a problem figuring out who they are, and need to come to terms with it. Even if they don't, they still have to endure a society pitted against them. I don't think that is worth being hip.
Posted by The_Debater3 2 years ago
The Contender is very inaccurate in saying that there are only 2 genders recognized in other past cultures. For example native Americans recognized both transgender people and two spirit, both of which were often thought to be special and was wanted.
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