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are we currently living under the reign of what will be known in the future as the american empire

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Started: 11/7/2014 Category: Society
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There have been empires throughout history, the last major empire was the British empire which ended at the beginning of the 20th century, are we currently living in what will be referred to by generations to come as the American empire. I will be arguing that this is the case.


Anything could happen in a few generations, but given our country's possissition right now I find it more likely that america goes through a economic collapse or even a civil war. Tho both a economic collapse or a civil war have low chance of happening, they are still more likely then an empire.

I will go into more depth on my reasoning in the next rounds.
Debate Round No. 1


The definition of the word empire is - a large group of countries and/or states ruled over by a single monarch, sovereignty or central authority.

* The US has invaded about 70 countries since its inception and has invaded a total of about 50 countries since 1945

American imperialism has made a major contribution to the 1.3 billion global avoidable deaths in the period 1950-2005 by way of these invasions. America controls 191 foreign governments who are part of the UN. These invasions have mainly been over the fa"ade that the said countries are a threat to US security, as an age old way of deceiving the American public to believe this to be the truth, but has in truth the reason for these invasions has been to spread the "American empire" take control of the invaded countries wealth and resources and to implement systems and governments who will comply with US demands.

* The US have carried out 32 distinct and separate bombing campaigns on 24 different countries between 1945 and 2014

Afghanistan 1998, 2001-
Bosnia 1994, 1995
Cambodia 1969-70
China 1945-46
Congo 1964
Cuba 1959-1961
El Salvador 1980s
Korea 1950-53
Guatemala 1954, 1960, 1967-69
Indonesia 1958 Laos 1964-73
Grenada 1983
Iraq 1991-2000s
Iran 1987
Korea 1950-53
Kuwait 1991
Lebanon 1983, 1984
Libya 1986, 2011
Nicaragua 1980s
Pakistan 2003, 2006- Palestine 2010
Panama 1989
Peru 1965
Somalia 1993, 2007-08, 2010-
Sudan 1998
Syria 2014
Vietnam 1961-73
Yemen 2002, 2009-
Yugoslavia 1999
Currently on a bombing campaign in Iraq (again)

* The US currently has more than 1000 military/naval bases or military installations worldwide

These facilities include a total of 845,441 different buildings and equipments. The underlying land surface is of the order of 30 million acres. According to Gelman, who examined 2005 official Pentagon data, the US is thought to own a total of 737 bases in foreign lands. Adding to the bases inside U.S. territory, the total land area occupied by US military bases domestically within the US and internationally is of the order of 2,202,735 hectares, which makes the Pentagon one of the largest landowners worldwide These military bases and installations of various kinds are distributed according to a Command structure divided up into five spatial units and four unified Combatant Commands. Each unit is under the Command of a General. The Earth surface is being conceived as a wide battlefield which can be patrolled or steadfastly supervised from the Bases.
In Europe, there are 116,000 US military personnel including 75,603 who are stationed in Germany.
In Central Asia about 1,000 are stationed at the Ganci (Manas) Air Base in Kyrgyzstan and 38 are located at Kritsanisi, in Georgia, with a mission to train Georgian soldiers.
In the Middle East (excludng the Iraq war theater) there are 6,000 US military personnel, 3,432 of whom are in Qatar and 1,496 in Bahrain.
In the Western Hemisphere, excluding the U.S. and US territories, there are 700 military personnel in Guantanamo, 413 in Honduras and 147 in Canada.

* The US controls its invaded countries resources and wealth

In the wake of 9/11, Washington initiated its "Global War on Terrorism" (GWOT), first in Afghanistan and then in Iraq. Other countries, which were not faithfully obeying Washington"s directives including Iran, North Korea, Syria and Venezuela have been earmarked for possible US military intervention. Washington keeps a close eye on countries opposed to US corporate control over their resources. Washington also targets countries where there are popular resistance movements directed against US interests, particularly in South America. In this context, President Bush made a quick tour to Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico "to promote democracy and trade" but also with a view to ultimately curbing and restraining popular dissent to the US interests in the region. The establishment of U.S. military bases should not of course be seen simply in terms of direct military ends. They are always used to promote the economic and political objectives of U.S. capitalism. For example, U.S. corporations and the U.S. government have been eager for some time to build a secure corridor for US.-controlled oil and natural gas pipelines from the Caspian Sea in Central Asia through Afghanistan and Pakistan to the Arabian Sea. This region -has more than 6 percent of the world"s proven oil reserves and almost 40 percent of its gas reserves. The war in Afghanistan and the creation of U.S. military Bases in Central Asia are viewed as a key opportunity to make such pipelines a reality. Washington has also signed an agreement to build a military base in Djibouti. All these initiatives are a part of an overall plan to install a series of military bases geographically located in a West-East corridor extending from Colombia in South America, to North Africa, the Near East, Central Asia and as far as the Philippines. The US bases in South American are related to the control and access to the extensive natural biological , mineral and water resources resources of the Amazon Basin. Therefore actively controlling by force the majority of the worlds natural resources from oil to water.

I believe all of what's written above is an introduction of factual evidence that America is currently in control economically, financially and socially of a large percentage of the modern world, thus making America in itself an empire and an imperialistic colonial ruler.


You bring up a lot of good points, but there are a few factors that you have overlooked. You have only focused on the military aspect of an empire and yet military is important, there are factor that are more important, which industry, trade and economy. The U.S. was once the world leader in industry, but it is obvious to say, that they are no longer. China now accounts for more global trade than anyone else, including the United States. China is also now the number one importer of oil in the world. China is even importing more oil from Saudi Arabia than the United States is. China now has an enormous amount of economic power globally.

The .U.S accumulates $56,133.09. $2.42 billion debt per day. China owns more than 40% of all of our debt. This is causing the U.S. dollar to loose its value and the rest of the world knows it. China has already made a major currency agreement with the European Central Bank which will allow more trade and investment between the regions to be conducted in euros and yuan, without having to convert into another currency such as the U.S. dollar. Very similar agreements like this have been made:

China and Germany

China and Russia

China and Brazil

China and Australia

China and Japan

India and Japan

Iran and Russia

China and Chile

China and the United Arab Emirates

China, Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa

This will not only lead to end .U,S dollar being the world currency, but it will cause the .U,S dollar to become worthless. This will cause the United State to go into economic collapse. No matter how many countries your military is deployed in or how powerful it is, it cant protect you from its own economic collapse.

To sum everything up, the way it looks right now, it isn't the great American Empire that will be talked about in the future, but rater the Chinese Economic Empire.
Debate Round No. 2


To start with your point on world debt, the world debt is controlled and verified by the world bank, the World Bank and the IMF are both based in Washington, D.C., and work closely with each other. The Gold Room at the Mount Washington Hotel was where the IMF and World Bank were established and although many countries were represented at the Bretton Woods Conference, the United States and United Kingdom were the most powerful in attendance and dominated the negotiations. Thus can easily be argued that they are controlled by the US.
So I have focussed so far on military occupation, so lets go into Americas control of other nations in other ways, so whilst its true most of todays manufacturing is being produced by china, it is being bought by America, so if the US stopped purchasing Chinese made produce and any other country for that matter Chinese manufacturing would go into disrepair and destroy Chinese economy in the same way your arguing that the power of the Chinese economy is greater than that of the Americans, also capitalism which is the stronghold of the American economy is why China is being "allowed" to be such a manufacturing power as it profits America to buy its products from China rather than to do the manufacturing of products themselves, which would actually benefit American citizens more as would create more jobs and social stability, but the fact is Chinese workers will accept lower payment and lower standards than there American counterparts again making it more profitable for the US not to manufacture produce themselves.
Next I would like to point out Americas role in the UN, America established the UN in 1942, and is one of five permanent members including France, UK, China and Russia and have remained so since 1945, any of these 5 permanent countries can veto any UN resolution making it void even if the majority of the other UN countries accepted it, you must then look at the USA's role in the other 4 countries economies, governmets and status, America has large military bases in all of these other 4 countries and can be argued to control the political systems in some way.
The other and probably most recognised aspect of the idea of an American empire at least to the rest of the world is America's social and cultural control of the rest of the world, from its media to its music and film industry to its cultural identity. The eyes of the world look towards America from the big cities of Europe and Asia, to rural communities in Africa and South America, the US has a massive cultural control of the rest of the world. In countries outside of the United States, americanization or americanisation is the influence the United States has on the culture of other countries, such as their popular culture, cuisine, technology, business practices, or political techniques. The term has been used since at least 1907. Within the United States, the term Americanization refers to the process of acculturation by immigrants or annexated populations (e.g. the Californios) to American customs and values. This is one of the fundamental and most important tactics of an empire, to spread there culture to all corners of the colonies, it may be argued that Russia and China are powerful countries economically and have powerful military's, but they do not have the cultural power of America. Can you name off hand a well known Chinese or Russian singer or actress, but I'm guessing Chinese and Russian citizens could name hundreds of American stars, because American culture is spread far and wide and streamed into the living rooms of citizens from such countries Hollywood (the American film and television industry) dominates most of the world's media markets. It is the chief medium by which people across the globe see American fashions, customs, scenery and way of life. U.S.-based TV programs are re-broadcast around the world, many of them through American broadcasters and their subsidiaries (such as HBO Asia, CNBC Europe and CNN International). Many of these distributors broadcast mainly American programming on their TV channels. In 2006, a survey of 20 countries by Radio Times found seven American shows in the ten most-watched: CSI: Miami, Lost, Desperate Housewives, The Simpsons, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Without a Trace and The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. American films are also extremely popular around the world, often dominating cinemas. Adjusting for inflation, the highest grossing film of all time is Gone with the Wind. Often part of the negotiating in free trade agreements between the U.S. and other nations involves screen quotas. One such case is Mexico, which abolished screen quotas following the establishment of the North American Free Trade Agreement with the U.S.. Recently South Korea has agreed to reduce its quota under pressure from the U.S. as part of a free trade deal. Many U.S.-based artists, are recognized worldwide and the culture of such artists as far as fashion, dance style ect can be seen worldwide.
Of the top ten global brands, seven are based in the United States. Coca-Cola, which holds the top spot, is often viewed as a symbol of Americanization.Fast food is also often viewed as being a symbol of U.S. marketing dominance. Companies such as Starbucks, McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Domino's Pizza among others have numerous outlets around the world. Many of the world's biggest computer companies are also U.S. based, such as Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Dell and IBM, and much of the software bought worldwide is created by U.S. based companies. Carayannis and Campbell note that "The USA occupies, also in global terms, a very strong position in the software sector.
By 1900 observers saw "Americanization" as synonymous with progress and innovation. In Germany in the 1920s, the American efficiency movement was called "rationalization" and it was a powerful social and economic force. In part it looked explicitly at American models, especially Fordism. "Rationalization" meant higher productivity and greater efficiency, promising science would bring prosperity. More generally it promised a new level of modernity and was applied to economic production and consumption as well as public administration. Various versions of rationalization were promoted by industrialists and social democrats, by engineers and architects, by educators and academics, by middle class feminists and social workers, by government officials and politicians of many parties. As ideology and practice, rationalization challenged and transformed not only machines, factories, and vast business enterprises but also the lives of middle-class and working-class Germans. During the Cold War, the Americanization was the method to counter the processes of Sovietization around the world. Education, schools, and universities in particularly, became the main target for Americanization. However, the resistance to Americanization of the university community restrained it.
In conclusion America is currently and I believe unarguably the most powerful country in the world and has been so since the 1940s at least, I believe in future history books the age we are and have been living in will be refered to as the American Empire, that does not mean it will go on forever, empire inevitably ends, all previous empires have ended, so too eventually will the American's. Fact remains that American politics, culture and industry is spread worldwide, whether it has been wanted or not and has often been done so by force and on the backs of those who have suffered in the colonised countries and states.


joshuav forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by cheyennebodie 2 years ago
Posted by joshuav 2 years ago
wait, who are you talking to
Posted by cheyennebodie 2 years ago
1.3 billion. You mean 4 times the population of America. Where did you get this number, just threw a dart against a wall. That is what liberalism thrives on. Misinformation. When did we invade most of those countries? You must come from an alternate universe.

Mostly what we did was stop aggressive genocide by other countries.
Posted by joshuav 2 years ago
I'm pretty busy, so it might take little bit for me to post
Posted by JayConar 2 years ago
I've got to say, I underestimated pro. I didn't expect his argument to be so convincing.
Posted by JayConar 2 years ago
Interesting debate, remember though that Empires went out of fashion in the mid-twentieth century.
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