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as$ eating

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Started: 4/6/2016 Category: People
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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yea man im down why not. whats wrong with being a brown noser as long as they wash down there. shlt it might even add flavor so dont wash. and it probably feels good, but idk cus i aint with that gay shlt. the homie brooke likes it tho so fvck yea eat a$s. Oh and if it is dirty at least youll be cleaning it for them, but dont do an@l first. maybe even give him a suprise and shlt in his mouth, spice things up a bit. ik thatd turn me in, classic 2 girls 1 cup type of shlt. #fvck bltches make money


This boys and girls , is Yaboiroge . Say hi to Yaboi.
Just 4 years ago Yaboi had a stable job a loving partner and a great family life.
1 night Yaboi went out in town with some "good friends" as he done so before. But this time, 1 of Yabois friends offered him some crack. Yaboi accepted.
From that moment on life would never be the same again. Yaboi's life spiraled out of control he lost everything he ever loved. And is now this pathetic mess we see before us now. So kids. Say no to man crack.
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Reasons for voting decision: Brilliantly argued by Con. Pro's arguments focussed on the immediate sensations and pleasures of as$ eating, whereas Con took a broader perspective and invited readers to consider long term effects of the sorts of animal-pleasure behaviors that Pro's argument not only describes but illustrates by example. So meta. Also Con - by embedding his argument in a broader context - was more emotionally compelling. Under ordinary circumstances, I would give Con conduct too, because of his compassionate approach towards Pro, but I fear that such a rfd, relying as it does not on a specific quote, would unleash the wrath of the mods. So conduct is tied, but thank you to Con for his compassionate approach.