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batman is better than superman

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Started: 7/29/2015 Category: Funny
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Thanks for accepting this debate.

We will have 3 rounds. Our first round is introducing and the rest is information.



I accept your challenge
I'll start this of by saying Batman is the better hero period.
Debate Round No. 1


Here is a list of their powers.

  1. Rich
  2. can fly for limited time
  3. human
  4. technology
  5. limited powers

  1. Not human
  2. Can only die by one thing
  3. many powers
  4. poor
  5. fly
  6. shoot laser
  7. cold wind

Superman is better because he can"t die easily and he has powers

Superman is better than Batman. You read that correctly. And it"s not a joke, either. In fact, it can be proven.
But before that happens, it is important to clarify exactly what this debate is about. The argument is not over which hero is cooler (if that were the case, it"d have to be the guy in black). Rather, this is to examine which hero does his job best"that is to say, which hero kicks the most bad-guy butt and successfully saves the day. And by those qualifications, there is no arguing that the best man for the job is the Man of Steel, Superman himself. And here"s why:

Superman doesn"t need weapons to win a fight

Superman can take care of business any time, any place, and all on his own. Sure, Batman"s gadgets are cool, but they are hardly practical. If you catch the caped crusader with his utility belt down, Bruce Wayne is just a normal defenseless guy. Superman, on the other hand, is always ready for action. Not to mention, a hero who can fly doesn"t need to make pit stops to refuel his batmobile and he certainly doesn"t need to reload in the middle of a fight.

Superman is a hero for all the right reasons

Superman fights crime to protect people. Batman fights crime out of his own personal vendetta. In essence, Batman is the result of a moody kid who never got over his childhood problems. So now, this guy takes out his repressed frustrations by wearing all black and attacking other people in the streets. In many social circles, this sort of schoolyard bullying would be considered "reckless" and "immature." It"s the exact kind of behavior that Superman sets out to prevent.

Batman hits girls

Sure, Superman has had a few female foes, but they were hardly a challenge for the Man of Steel. Batman, on the other hand, is constantly fighting with Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and others. Maybe we're old fashioned, but this just isn"t classy.

Superman doesn"t need a sidekick

He gets the job done all on his own. Batman, on the other hand, is always hanging out with Robin"the boy gymnast in a Speedo. Not only is this suggestive of Batman"s own inefficiencies to save the day, but quite frankly, its also a little bit creepy.

Superman would win in a fight

Just think about it. Batman uses firearms"Superman is faster than a speeding bullet. Batman utilizes the batmobile to defeat his enemies"Superman is more powerful than a locomotive. Batman hides out in Wayne towers"Superman can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Advantage: Superman.

It is also notable to mention that Superman is an actual superhero with actual superpowers. Batman, in comparison, is just a Billionaire with a hobby. This would be like Donald Trump moonlighting as a vigilante. Sure it"s an entertaining concept, but let"s leave the real work to the most iconic hero ever created.

And one more thing"Superman can save people in the daytime. This matters.

Also I will say 10 more ways that Superman is better


X-ray vision. What guy wouldn't kill for that? (Admit it. You once ordered those glasses out of the back of a comic book just to see if they'd work.)

Superman can shoot lasers out of his eyes. All Batman can do with his eyes is look mean.


Batman relies on some pimply teenage kid to help him fight crime. Superman doesn't need a sidekick.


Superman believes in law and order. He doesn't compromise his morality to catch the bad guy. Batman will cross any line to catch a criminal. He's lost sight of what it means to be a superhero.


Superman: well-adjusted orphan. Batman: self-destructive orphan with serious abandonment issues.


Superman is happily married to a superhot reporter. Batman has meaningless relationships with women he doesn't care about (and who only want his money) because he's afraid to show his true feelings.


Superman works for a living like the rest of us. Batman is just some spoiled rich kid who lives off a trust fund his daddy left him.


Superman can make the earth spin backwards and reverse time to save the woman he loves. Batman, not so much.


Superman can fly. Batman swings from a rope.


Bottom line: In a fight, Superman would crush the "Dark Knight" like a little girl.

Reply pro.

I am proud to oppose

Vote for Con



MattGrey forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by brianjustin3709 2 years ago
Posted by MattGrey 2 years ago
I accept your challenge but just wanted to make sure that your in support of Superman right?
Don't want to make a fool of myself :)
Posted by brianjustin3709 2 years ago
It is about who will win in a fight and who is the better hero.
Posted by gabep 2 years ago
Who's a better hero, or who would win in a fight, or who's a more interesting character, or what? What is ths about?
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