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batman vs superman?(i believe batman is better/can beat superman in a fight)

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Started: 11/21/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Batman is the best superhero in my opinion and hear is why A. he may have no powers but he does not need them he can beat super villain with powers.B Superman gave BATMAN kryptonite in case he goes rouge. he gave batman not flash or wonder woman batman because he knows batman can beat him with it and only him


Unfortunately it pains me to say that Batman is better than superman in my opinion, however he would not beat superman. no to say that he can't but its not likely.

superman gave the cryptonite to batman not because he WILL beat him, because he CAN beat him. batman has the best chance of beating superman, however small those chances are.

yes batman has beaten superman before but in that situation, superman had not gone rouge, superman didn't want to kill batman and gave him ever chance to back out of what he was doing (not to discredit what batman did, i F'ing love bat man and the older, cartoon batman vs superman movie, The Dark Knight Returns was amazing and i loved it. however superman could have killed batman anytime he wanted to before the green arrow used the cryptonite.

yes batman has his own cryptonite ring that he carries with him everywhere he goes however that only does him any good if he can get close to superman and superman has lazier vision so...yeah

yes batman did have a plan that could take down the entire justice league if he thought they were to dangerous or if he couldn't trust him, however that plan would not have worked if the justice league had been aware it was activated. the only reason it worked the way it did was the surprise factor behind it.

superman over powers batman and batman has resources, the only problem with that is that batman has a limited number of resources and superman's power is limitless.
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