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being tall is not necessary for any sport

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Started: 1/5/2016 Category: Sports
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being tall is not necessary because i have know many people who p'lay basqutball really well and they coul d not enter because they were not tal enogh


The resolution is "being tall is not necessary for any sport"
In order for me to win, all I need to do is demonstrate that being tall is necessary for at least one sport.

I invented a sport called whateverball. To play whateverball, you need 2 people in a room, each with a dodgeball, and whoever hits the other person with a dodgeball first and then says "whatever" wins. And the most important rule of whateverball is both players must be at least 7 feet tall to play or else the sport they are playing is not whateverball.

Whateverball is a sport in which it is necessary to be tall. The resolution is negated. Vote Con.
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Posted by moneystacker 2 years ago
Can't argue that because it's true. Even in the NBA or NFL in rare cases shorter people make it. IN a PG they look for at least 6,3 but Chris paul is playing and he's like 6'1. I hear an old player who played was like 5'5 but then again those are great players rather then average or decent. But then again if you are short you are at a severe advantage, if I coached a team I wouldn't take short people either just because usually it doesn't work out.

Maybe there is a sport where no one small has ever made it in but not aware of it. I will watch this debate though interested big basketball fan.
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