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better to give Tax breaks to job/business creators paid by tax increases on capital gains generally

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Started: 6/1/2012 Category: Politics
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this debate is about which is better... taxes to those who create jobs and new businesses, or to people who invest money generally. which is better use of tax payer sponsered (funded?) tax breaks. this isn't about cutting taxes every where and gutting government spending etc.

We should stop giving general tax breaks to people who merely invest in general... and give all that money more directly to people who create jobs and new businesses. This would be in society's overall best interest, compared to just giving breaks to anyone who simply invests.
example. do we want to give money to a business who simply buys more computers, or puts more in their bank account. this will only enrich computer makers more, and perhaps to some small degree, might eventually make a job or two, as a figure of speech. if we direct the money to those who actually create jobs and new businesses, more will benefit in society as more jobs will be created per dollar invested. (the investment is by both the business owner, and society in terms of not getting as much tax income)

we can't give breaks to everyone when we are going into debt as a country.. we have to choose. why not choose what's in society's best interest?

and it'd work just as well, and is fairer. Capital gains investments are often taxed at 15%. We don't need to give people more money to invest... they'd invest anyway, because they want more money. Warren Buffet often points out that he pays 15% on taxes while his secretary pays 30+ percent... and it should just be at the very least, more equal


I accept my rivals challenge

My challenge as I understand it is to defend the tax cuts of those who invest in industry.

Investor in industry in America use money to build up many type of businesses. Many of these businesses are small up and coming "shops" that exist only do to the investment of others. These investor contribute to forming many new businesses which in turn hire other people as employees. These people then use the money they earn to spend on items they need and want this helps the economy.

I argue against my rival in the idea that tax cuts on both parties are needed to create jobs in the private sector. It would not be better to give tax breaks to one or the other as they are both needed for an economy to work. Maybe even more so on investors part.
Debate Round No. 1


"It would not be better to give tax breaks to one or the other as they are both needed for an economy to work"

this seems to be the essense of con's argument. he earlier says that investors in general "spend on items they need and want and this helps the economy". i don't dispute this. all i'm arguing is that it's better to give tax breaks to those we specifically are creating jobs and new businesses, as that is in society's better interest than investments in general. other investments would obviously be made, given people will always want profit... even if they are not made as much. what we will have on balance is more jobs and new businesses (more stimulant for the economy) per dollar the taxpayer spends.

con has not shown why it's better to spread a set money around to everyone, as opposed to focusing it on job business creators more specifically. he just asserts some benefit that would be caused if we did, not giving an over all picture.


Job creation is much more than a business expanding and in need of more workers. Investor are the reason for new companies to exist. Investment banking that are to the use of sales of bonds and stock and commerical banking that give out loans to small business these are to different types of investment along with the private investor, jobs do get created. These are in the form of small business.

It is a fact that the average small business owner had to get a loan (a form of investment) from a bank. This is of course do to the average savings per household is 6000 USD

The number of small businesses in the United States has increased 49% since 1982.

This shows the work of investments.
Debate Round No. 2


dairygirl4u2c forfeited this round.


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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Truin 6 years ago
In my last arguement i posted the wrong link shows the average savings in a family.
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