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black lives

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Started: 1/25/2017 Category: People
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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I feel that the black lives matter movement is gonna make the race issue in America worse. Racism is the act of judging people based on skin color. If we want to end racism we need to stop always viewing the situation based on race. Every one in America has equal rights no matter there skin color. White privilege is just a myth used to make blacks seem oppressed. They are against racism but yet they still say f#@k all white people and generalize all whites as racist pigs. Blacks are able to get away with threatening whites and hate crimes because the media portrays them as the victim. If we want the race issue in America to stop we need to all love and accept eachother and look at the world not based on color.


THE black lives matter movement is a result of the race issue in America. The African American population has been oppressed and segregated by the white man for decades. The white man has segregated and used other races for their own benefit. for example they enslaved the African Americans, they annihilated the Jewish population in world war two, and they took the land the natives lived on and forced them onto reservations. The white man argues that the black rights movement is unfair to all races, but the white man has never been subject to racism. When a police officer pulls a man over, the possibility that a white man will be arrested is less likely than if it was a black man. the black lives matter movement wasn't intended to end racism, because realistically that will never happen, the movement is to raise awareness to the horror and evil being done to the African American community.
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Posted by DonyFeng 1 year ago
I agree with you that it has to be done in action rather than just saying "black life matters" because everybody can say anything. The action is way more effective in words. Let actions do the talking.
Posted by Edubes 1 year ago
On the topic of the entire Black Lives matter debate there are both pros and cons. I am neutral in the debate but when African Americans continuously use the phase in a way of stupidity then it's annoying. Like obviously it's acceptable to use the phrase when an African American is killed in vain, but if one is pulled over and they're carrying weed and get a ticket and use it, then it's an abuse of the term.
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