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call of duty is a unoriginal and bad franchise

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Started: 6/28/2016 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Is call of duty an unoriginal and bad franchise, in terms of game play, innovation and graphics.

first round for acceptance :-)

( i am arguing that call of duty is NOT a unoriginal and bad franchise)


Call of Duty has definitely started off as a great fps. But ever since COD Ghost it has just went down with all the flying and now it's even in space. Also Battlefield I feel may be a better franchise only since it has not gone futuristic yet.
Debate Round No. 1


i feel as though call of duty gets a bad reputation around the gaming community. when its first titles started releasing, it was a fine and great shooter. round about cod 1-3, then cod 4 came and innovated the series with new era etc. it was unprecedented. the series however, got continued criticism from areas of the community for being "the same game every year" due to its same formula boots on the ground etc. so when, after the under whelming release of Ghosts, they innovated, with advanced warfare, adding, a new engine, brand new movement system, and even got Kevin Spacey to motion cap the new villain. and received a meta critic score of 83, so its a fairly solid game. Rather than being met with praise from the community, they where furious that the game had gone away from boots on the ground warfare that had been present in previous titles, and that had also received criticism for being samey. Everyone jumps on the hate train to bash call of duty for going into the future, and demanding to bring it back to boots on the ground.
its a cycle.

community complains of same cod every year -
Cod innovates-
peoples angry at change demand to go back to same cod every year

Its come to such an extent, that when infinite warfare trailer released, people automatically assume it the biggest pile of bad, and everyone automatically assumes its bad because, being in the future, the game MUST suck. When in reality, the last 2 call of duty games to be set in the future, received scores above 80 in meta-critic, which would seem to suggest otherwise. No proper game play was released, no details - game play wise where known, but everyone decides that its trash, just because everyone is saying its trash.

i look foward to your response
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Posted by DInoworld112 2 years ago
I enjoyed cod 4 and cod world at war that's when I really started playing but after that it was over priced with tones of map packs that cost even more money and just felt like I was buying the same game every year. Also you have to know I was playing cod on the PC it use to be I believe 32 v 32 am not sure but I know it had dedicated servers I miss dedicated servers.
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