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caste system

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Started: 10/31/2014 Category: Religion
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Caste system is major topic one can discuss about. in many countries caste system is being followed and on basis on that privileges are given to people which the high caste or rich people.caste system is being practiced over very long period of India there is 4 important caste Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs and Christians.Even today, most Indian languages use the term "jati" for the system of hereditary social structures in South Asia. When Portuguese travelers to 16th-century India first encountered what appeared to them to be race-based social stratification, they used the Portuguese term "casta" " which means "race" " to describe what they saw. Today, the term "caste" is used to describe stratified societies based on hereditary groups not only in South Asia but throughout the world.caste system is pratised everywhere in temples,houses,work,profession,education,arts and science. the people of lower caste are not allowed to go to temples of rich villages this is till now in practice. the people of lower caste has to beg before the zamindars which in turn charge higher while returning the amount. today the caste system is increasing day by day as people of Hindu caste think that the terrorism is due to Muslim people and Muslim think that it is due to Hindus.this view leads to conflict between the two and because this many innocent people are killed in numbers. we people have created this caste system. today also various zaminders in villages charge higher rate of interest on money given to villagers.In modern India the term caste is used for Jat and also for Varna. The term, caste was used by the British who ruled India until 1947. The British who wanted to rule India efficiently made lists of Indian communities. They used two terms to describe Indian communities. Castes and Tribes. The term caste was used for Jats and also for Varnas. Tribes were those communities who lived deep in jungles, forests and mountains far away from the main population.


I fail to see how the point was explained here. I fail to see how Hindus and Muslims have anything to do with the caste system. A caste system does not have to do with terrorism and not necessarily religion, either.
A caste system is like a ranking. We use a form of caste system every day in our modern world. We have the leaders, such as the kings, queens, and presidents. We have those who work for the leaders. We have those who lead smaller sections of the country as well, such as governors. We use a form of the caste system. Therefore, the caste system is not always people of lower class begging people of higher class for money. The higher class is not always charging them more for money.
Without the caste system, we would have chaos. With the caste system, everyone knows where their place is in ruling the country. Otherwise, everyone would try to rule the country and make decisions. Nothing would get done. All countries today use a form of the caste system. It is not an evil. It is simply social hierarchy. It is where people know their place. They know their role in the community, and they have a role in their community. It is not the system itself that did not allow people of lower caste to interact with people of higher caste. It is the rules that came along with the system, but those rules don't have to be in place.
The caste system is a necessary system and functioning system in society.
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Posted by ChandanB 2 years ago
Both sides have no idea what they are talking about.
Posted by BoggyDag 2 years ago
"in India there is 4 important caste Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs and Christians."
Those are religions.
Castes are: Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra, and Harijans.
Discrimination based on caste is illegal in India.

And you have obviously no idea of the topic.
Cancel this debate, please.
Posted by sabrin100 2 years ago
What is your position ? It is not quite clear . Do you want to say that caste system is the source of the problem , India or the world is facing . I think you should clarify
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