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cell phones

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Started: 2/22/2013 Category: Technology
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Kids should have phones in school.


I would first like to start my argument by pointing out that my opponent has only stated ONE opinion with no supporting details as to why kids should have cell phones in school. And now, on to my stand point. Kids should not have cell phones in school because they are a distraction in the classroom to the teacher and the entire class. If the phone where to go off during a lesson, the teacher would have to stop the lesson just to address the student. This takes away time learn from everyone. Cell phones should also be banned because they tempt kids to cheat. Most cell phones have Internet access as well as a calculator application or installment. this can be a way to find answers to tests and quizzes, which is the stuff they should have known in the first place. and third, cell phones keep students from learning as much as they could without it. The distraction of cell phones causes learning to be restricted. sure they can listen, but paying complete attention causes more learning. I look for to my opponents rebuttal.
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