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certainty beats second thought

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Started: 1/9/2016 Category: Religion
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if you guide strong enough light into my line of sight i will look away, i dont doubt if i should keep looking or not


Observation: I will mainly be attacking the resolution itself. I am also advocating that both certainty and second thought play a role in your life and neither beats the other. In some situations one is needed in other situations the other isn't needed. They are equally important. It's kind of like driving vs walking, sure in some cases driving is more useful but in other cases it's not. You can't fit a car in a building but driving is just as important as walking in the sense that transportations faster and safer in some cases such as, traveling an area around midnight, or just simply going on the highways, logically you cant walk on a highway or street without getting hit by a car, thus you need a vehicle or the road.


Certainty: something that is certain : a fact about which there is no doubt

firm conviction that something is the case.

1. I argue that certainty doesn't beat second thought simply because second thought comes after something that already happened. For example you may have felt CERTIAN that shooting that man to save a girl was the right thing to do but later you began to doubt the choice to do so. What I am saying is that since usually people have a SECOUND THOUGHT after committing an action a SECOUND THOUGHT naturally can occur after you act in CERTAINTY. Second thought is important after the incident as well because it helps you not make the same mistake again when you contemplate what you did wrong and CERTAINTY provides the confidence to try again or carry out the SECOUND THOUGHT the next time you are in that situation.

2. Some people consider second thoughts to simply be thinking before you make an action. For example you're hanging out with friends and you are about to have beer for the first time. You began to have SECOND THOUGHTs that are telling you things like how you were raised lets say as a Christian and it's wrong to do or how its unhealthy. You then contemplate what choice you will make and eventually you form CERTAINITY to execute the decided action.

3. Habits= a book known as "Habits why we do what we do in life and business," shows that habits emerge because the brain is constantly looking for ways to save effort. The brain try's to make almost any routine into a habit because habits allow our mines to ramp down more often. You see a habit doesn't require a second thoughts and very little brain activity however other activities do.

For example solving math problems require second thinking, you can't rush to an answer you have to double check or in other words SECOUND GUESS your answer. Whenever you decide to go with friends its important to stop and SECOUND GUESS yourself to ensure you should go. Does the environment or party violate person morals?, will I be safe at the location? It's also important to SECOUND THINK before you go to school or to anywhere, do you have everything you need?, are you prepared for what you are essentially about to do?, did you pack your lunch?

Conclusion: I believe certainty and second thought are important tools that each have different roles to play in different situations or events. Neither beats the other since both are a necessity.
Debate Round No. 1


might have felt certain is not certain.. certain is certain, not might have been... only the doubt full question certainty


might have felt certain is not certain.. certain is certain, not might have been... only the doubt full question certainty

my response is this= Secound thought and doubt are different. Secound thought is usually felt after you do something.

second thought = : a feeling of guilt, doubt, worry, etc., that you have after you have decided to do something or after something has happened

however it also can be used thisway

second thought: noun: second thought a change of opinion or resolve reached after considering something again.

Therefore you can feel certain about an action but later "second think" the decision that was made. Or you can doubt something you were going to do, consider new way to do it and then you feel certain again... this time permanently in a lot of cases.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by moneystacker 2 years ago
just for clarification on last statement.

Secound thought is like doubt but late and its different from doubt in the sense that you actually take time to resolve the issue or change your action rather then just do it with doubt and non belief.
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