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cheese or butter

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Started: 12/3/2012 Category: Health
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Cheese is better because it is healthier


Thank you for posting this dietary debate.

Butter may have a higher fat content than cheese, but it is eaten in smaller portions.

Butter is far more versatile than cheese.

Butter was once used for fuel in lamps as a substitute for oil.[1] In India and Pakistan, it is still used as a fuel in religious lamps.[2] Tibetan people fuel their lamps with yak butter.

In 1409, Tsong kha-pa had a dream. In his dream he saw beautiful flowers and trees in front of the Buddha. Such a wonderful dream had to be celebrated with a festival.

What better way to commemorate the beauty of nature and The Buddha, reasoned Tsong (quite naturally) than to make flowers and trees out of coloured butter?

Another Tibetan religious festival is the Festival of The Butter Gods.[3]

Butter gods! Are there any cheese gods?

Clarified butter was used in China for teaching the nature of Buddha.[4]

In traditional African cultures, clarified butter is used in an ointment worn in the hair or on the skin. For example, the women of the Hamer people wear a mixture of clarified butter and red ochre in their hair.[5][6][7]

I doubt there are any people who wear cheese in their hair.

Cheese is reliant on butter:
You can give semi-hard cheeses a light coat of butter to keep them fresh and free of mold.

Thanks butter! Don't expect cheese to do anything for you in return though.

Butter can also be used to get rid of a fishy smell on your hands. Using cheese would just make your hands smell of fish and cheese.

Butter can even be used to remove ink stains.[8]

Other uses for butter are to stop doors from squeaking (cheese would just attract mice so make the door squeak more), facilitate snow shovelling, remove gum from hair,

prevent bruising, make swallowing pills easier, untangle jewellry, strengthen fingernails, remove a tight ring, and soothe dry skin.[9]

In cooking, butter has multiple uses. It is used for sautéing and frying. In baking, it is used in pastries, for leavening, and as the only source of moisture in shortbread. Butter is used in many sauces, notably in French cuisine.[10]

This morning, I had run out of oil to cook my bacon. Butter came to the rescue.

Butter can be used as a lubricant in anal sex, as Marlon Brando demonstrated.[11] Cheese would in general make a poor anal lubricant. I suppose Brie would be workable, but it smells and doesn't have anywhere near the silky glide of butter.

As opposed to butter, which is safe, some cheeses can be dangerous to eat, such as soft raw-milk cheeses which can cause "serious infectious diseases including listeriosis, brucellosis, salmonellosis and tuberculosis."[12]

Some people suffer reactions to amines found in cheese, which can cause symptoms akin to an allergic reaction: headaches, rashes, and elevated blood pressure.[13]

According to The Center for Science in the Public Interest, cheese is America's number one source of saturated fat, which could be a factor in heart disease.[14]

Butter is so useful! Cheese can kill!

It's butter all the way, baby.

[1] Soyer, Alexis (1977). The Pantropheon or a History of Food and its Preparation in Ancient Times. Wisbech, Cambs.: Paddington Press. p. 172
[10] McGee, Harold (2004). On Food and Cooking (Revised Edition). Scribner. pp 33–39, "Butter and Margarine"

Debate Round No. 1


Q12 forfeited this round.


It is a pity my opponent has forfeited. We need to know the case for cheese.

Extend all arguments. Butter is best. Vote CON.
Debate Round No. 2


Q12 forfeited this round.


Vote CON.
Debate Round No. 3


Q12 forfeited this round.


Vote butter.
Debate Round No. 4


Q12 forfeited this round.


Thank you. Vote CON.
Debate Round No. 5
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Bygone opponent = Bi-winning.
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