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child curfew

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Started: 5/1/2015 Category: Education
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well I am at school and I am on the debate team and I was given an argument about child curfew and I am for it I need some reasons why child curfew is a good thing. if you do not mind please give me some good reasons why child curfew is a good thing . If you do not mind I need the reasons with in 10 minutes.


I'm sorry but child curfews are not a good thing and should not be put in place. Children should not go to bed at a certain time. Children will end up staying up later than they are supposed to even if you give them a curfew. Since you are on the debate team why don't go and do some better research rather than trying to get someone to give you the answers. I wish good luck on the debate at your school. The instigator did not post an argument on why child curfew is a good thing.

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Reasons for voting decision: Pro's argument wasn't so much argumentative as it was trying to get people to do his homework.