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children aged from 10-13 don't deserve too costly phones

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Started: 4/26/2015 Category: Entertainment
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Yes I think such small children don't deserve expensive phones like iphones, apple and that type. They have not earned it, and must start with a lower model so that they appreciate the new features, rather than get bored with it like everything else.


"One of the biggest advantages to a teenager having a mobile phone is the ability to call an emergency service in case of an accident or a towing service in case of a tire blowout while driving. According to the 2008 study conducted by the Pew Research Center, 75 percent of Americans claim to have used their mobile phones in emergency situations. Emergency agencies also support the use of mobile phones during an emergency by urging people to add the letters ICE (for "in case of emergency") in front of certain names in their mobile phone directory to designate who should be called in case of an emergency. Many new phones also include GPS location technology, allowing parents to pinpoint the location of their teens or to locate lost or stolen phones."

Only "expensive" phones have this GPS tracking technology. which allows parents to find their kids. Younger children may get lost, so parents need to find them.

"Smartphones allow teenagers to keep in touch not only with their friends, but also with family members, schools and emergency services. Facebook and other social media applications allow for instant updates on a teenager's status, and mobile phones have revolutionized long-distance communication by including long-distance calling options in their service plans. The ability to send instant text messages is an added advantage, though it should be avoided while driving. According to the Pew Research Center's 2008 study, an estimated 88 percent of teenage mobile phones users use their phones to connect through text messaging."

Younger children also need to connect with their peers.
  • "Cell phones can help teach children responsibility. Parents can set guidelines for their children such as staying within a certain minute or text message range. Children are also responsible for their individual cell phone and parents can set rules about misplacing it or breaking it.
  • Many cell phones allow access to the Internet, which can help a child obtain answers to questions very quickly and easily. This can help with studies as well as other simple daily questions like daily weather or finding directions to go someplace new."
Phones help younger people connect to their friends and in emergencies.
Debate Round No. 1


Yes, but many smartphones are not costly.
What I am saying is you could just take a cheap phone from micromax or samsung, they would still have these facilities. Even nokia phones have facebook. I don't see the need for an iphone, apple or tab. Phones that are too costly shouldn't be given to children, they'll have no value for it.


"Yes, but many smartphones are not costly.
What I am saying is you could just take a cheap phone from micromax or samsung, they would still have these facilities. Even nokia phones have facebook. I don't see the need for an iphone, apple or tab. Phones that are too costly shouldn't be given to children, they'll have no value for it."

Oh really? What evidence do you have that children will have no value for these phones? Many children nowadays take great pride in their phones and always have it with them.

70% of teens use smartphones; allowing younger kids to get them prepares them for the future.

56% of kids 8-12 have smartphones. Most children these days take pride and responsibility for their phones. Cheap phones do not have this important GPS function to help parents find them. More expensive phones have internet access and have service from everywhere.

I have named three main things more expensive phones can do that cheaper cannot: GPS, internet, and wireless service from anywhere. Pro has not and cannot refute my arguments, leading to a Con win
Debate Round No. 2


Internet and wifi-
Most phones, even cheap ones have internet and wifi these days. Micromax doodle or canvas, even Nokia has 3g facility.
This service can be used as a prank by teenagers as well. What if they dial the emergency numbers by mistake? Also, Gps facility will make them careless as they know they can find it, so they could just leave it anywhere. Also, if a serious case location can be tracked through the IP address, which is present in every device that has internet.


The benefits clearly outweigh the cons. A POSSIBLE carelessness vs the reality that GPS makes it easier to find children. Pro never negates that being able to access wifi from anywhere with data plans is beneficial.

Therefore it is negated. I thank the pro for a wonderful debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by nashaline 2 years ago
I believe that children from the ages 10-13 should be forbidden from owning a smart phone that is as expensive. Many children now a days just focus on these updated expensive smart phone and the application that come along with them and are irresponsible with them. The children that are the ages of 10-13 are still going through the stage when they are not completely responsible for making correct decisions. The majorities of the children of ages 10-13 do not work for a living and cannot value what money is. Many things are given to them just as a gift and they will not value what an expensive phone is if it is just given to them. I believe that it is also unnecessary for them to own an expensive phone such as an phone due to the fact that there are other less expensive phones that can do the minimum that is needed to keep the child safe and in contact with his or her parent.
Posted by Himans45 2 years ago
Let me clarify, are you stating that all children between the ages of 10-13 do not deserve expensive phones?
Posted by Creativist 2 years ago
Android is good enough for them? So you are saying androids aren't expensive? Pfft.
Posted by lord_megatron 2 years ago
iphone, apple, tabs, basically anything that is above 10000 rupees. I think an android is good enough for them.
Posted by EAT_IT_SUKA 2 years ago
Define 'costly phones.' The only valid thing you said was an iPhone.
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