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children should be allowed to box in school.

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Started: 12/18/2015 Category: Education
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If they are allowed to play rugby in school then why are they not allowed to box?
If they don't want to then they could just say.


To begin with you did not clearly outlined the rounds so i will assume this is an opening type statement. Second you did not describe this as an after school club or an in school event like in a gym class.

Now to my statement.
I will be arguing the con side.
Children in school should not be allowed to box due to the potential damage that could be done while doing so and complaints from parents.
Debate Round No. 1


sorry I forgot to outline the rounds and i meant boxing in general (gym and after school).

I feel it is wrong to allow them to play rugby which you sprint at other people and slam into them but ban boxing.
you can get hurt much more in rugby with broken bones and being trodden on by studded boots and people see that as fine
but with boxing if you control the power of your punch and where proper protection it should be reasonably safe.
I understand that there is a degree of risk in every sport.


As a 16 year old boxer myself i can agree that their are ways to stay protected however the sport is not for everybody and it definitely shouldnt be forced onto somebody who isn't able to do it (The gym class scenario).

You make a good point when you say that rugby is more dangerous: However, that is a statement that could very easily have bias behind as would me saying that boxing is more dangerous because i take part in it.

"if you control the power of your punch" I like the point your trying to make when you say this but very few professionals can control their punch power let alone a bunch of school students who are new to the sport.

And i too understand the risk factor in every sport.
Debate Round No. 2


I also box at a club and i know many people wouldn't like it. However i didn't talk just about sparring. If someone wanted to spar they should have to wear appropriate protection(gumshield, head guard) but if they don't want to then they could do padwork, shadow, footwork etc.
Maybe it should not be in a gym class but after school classes should be allowed. I think it should be an option as most schools where i am have banned it.


If you look at the sport of Boxing there are a variety of techniques and strategies that can not only lower the time of your career but even your lifespan. The ban is justifiable by the fact that when you are in school your brain is still developing and any type of damage to the head could very well cause severe problems in your school life such as losing memory due to a blow to the head causing lower grades etc...
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by donkal 2 years ago
thanks for accepting the debate.
Posted by ballpit 2 years ago
Well this is my first debate on here so i figure i would pick up something i know a bit about.
Posted by AngryBlogger 2 years ago
I do not know ANY SCHOOL that lets you play rugby in gym. I would have loved to have snatched this debate, but it was sniped rather quickly.

Boxing as cool as it is, is violent, and causes aggression. It should not be a part of any gym activity ever.

It would cause more bad for harm.

More fights in school.
More injuries.

As for after school, I would also argue boxing shouldn't be a sport cause for one. Boxing is one vs one, and doesn't involve teams. So, this would never be considered as it could be perhaps costly, just for what? To send some kids on the road to another school to fight in a crowd? Very few kids? Is that really a good idea? There would be no attraction as opposed to having an actual team and group come in to play football, rugby, basketball, baseball etc....
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Reasons for voting decision: Con argued better, offered a little more thought in his rounds than pro. Both didn't write much, so it's hard to pin point a clear winner, although again, it seemed con gave some good arguments.