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co -ed is better than sinle sex ed

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Started: 1/24/2016 Category: Society
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Co Ed is better because

1- it is more of a representation of the real world around us..which has both girls and boys..and the purpose of schooling is to educate us so that we can be ready for the world as if the school was single gender based..we'll go off to the world acting all nervous around the other gender as we do when puberty hits us as 14 years old

2-single education system sends the wrong makes the other gender looks like they are bad for you and that's why you are isolated from them

3-co-Ed helps people get through the puberty puberty hits are naturally more curious about the other gender..and that curiosity is completely healthy lets you get to know about the other gender better than single Ed


Hi , I'm Shanaya ..I'm new here but I will try my best to win .. Firstly, debate doesn't mean to copy from Internet ,as my companion has done ..but it means to look deeply into our brains and then answer . I think co ed does allow us to understand other gender ,but still it is not good. Studies have shown that most students fail due to distraction from other gender..most say that every single guy in the class has a girlfriend and each girl, a boyfriend....these things distract us from is bad that we are afraid from public if we go in single sex schools but if we go in co ed, the situation is worse,the children are distracted and they will not even reach that respect that they will get if they are educated ... Single sex school =no friends if you think this is a good speech for a beginner,pls vote for me!!!
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Posted by Lookingatissues 2 years ago
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Posted by Lookingatissues 2 years ago
No one should be allowed to operate the equipment until they have become familiar with the Machinery they are going to be working with.. "Hands on," is the best way to learn something.
Posted by Shanaya14611 2 years ago
This is a common debate ..u should he Dm other topic
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