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columbus day

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Started: 11/4/2014 Category: People
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Christopher was a bad man and has no right to be honored. First off, he wasn't even the first person to find it. and we all know he killed and did many more to the natives who didn't even deserved it. and he lied about how much gold there was. The only reason he is honored is because president Richard Nixon declared it a national holiday


Ok great.

Without christopher there would be no USA :l

So...... you want to change history?

So....... you hate all of your heritage?

So......... you hate every immigrant that ever came to this land?

So....... who else would have claimed the land?

There were way more acts of genocide in that time.

Look who is talking. The colonists killed way more indians yet we still have thanksgiving. U is da pheggit

Plus Christopher Columbus didn't know that someone else had already discovered it ;)

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Posted by jckh99 3 years ago
Turned out one of his crew men found the America's as they arrived that morning on 1492. He was the one who should have gotten credit. However, Columbus said he "found it" the night before. Just to win money.
Also, people "discovered" the America's before Columbus. Explain how there were already natives in the Americas.
Posted by Elijahhill97 3 years ago
dont forget to mention crushing the skulls of babies with the hilt of his gun.
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