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computer education should be provided to children from class 1

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Started: 7/15/2016 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Computer education not for class 1-computer education should not be given to class one students because day by day technology is increasing with increasing side effects of technology. At one side technology helps in development of our country but on other side misuse is also going on. Cyber crime is one of them and at early age students are also getting in trapped of it. Many students are using social networking sites and most of them spend their whole day on it and doesn't think about their studies which is not good for their future. computer education is important but knowledge of computer at very early age is not good. Some children use to play games, some children are using social networking sites, some are surfing on net and sometimes surfing is of vulgar videos which is not good. If computer education makes a student aware of world on other hands computer education also contributed in spoiling the students. And we all are knowing that students and children are pillars of our nation. so if pillars are weak then what will be the future of our nation.


In today's work environment, people are increasingly dependent on the use of Technology, especially computers. Having marketable job skills means that you need to be proficient with a computer. Furthermore, it's the lack of computer education in schools which is causing children to make poor decisions when it comes to using social networking and being "digital citizens." Computer games boost creativity, hand eye-coordination and promote problem solving skills that can be used outside of the digital realm.

Cyber criminals, are going to be criminals regardless if they use computers or not. It's the lure of money, power, and other stresses in society that define if a person will commit criminal acts. If a person has marketable computing skills, they will be more likely to get a job and will be less likely to become involved with crime.

Computers are driving innovation and creating industries for those that know how to program them. If children are the pillars or a nation, then we should be strengthening those pillars through education. With the way that that the world and industry is moving, computer education if more important than ever. Getting children interested in computers at an early age will increase there chances of entering a computer related field as an adult. Mastering computer technology at a younger age will make research and school work easier for that child as they progress through the educational system.
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Posted by JenMac 1 year ago
Social media, while a wonderful tool with many uses, also brings opportunity for cyber bullying. Let's not forget that they are children and that even if we teach them the proper ways to use technology there is no way to ensure they will use that knowledge. Example, children need to get from place to place and can possible drive. Should we give them the keys to the car?
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