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courts have the responsibility to create racially balanced schools

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Started: 5/23/2013 Category: Education
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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i believe that courts do have the responsbility to create racially imbalances schools. one example Assertion #1 : students and society benefit when more children are able to attend racially intergrated schools. Edvidence: yes students benefit more with a racially interegradted school because it will be less bullying through the equality of all races instead of being over jumped by one race, students will feel more compterable by being around it's own kind instead of having one or few in the school and this will help the kids do better academically if they feel compterable in there classes and with there peirs.
Assertion#2: To Create a deseghe regated school system, a judge should be able to tell parents were the child must attend. Edvidence: The judges plan required kids to leave their neighborhood. Also I agree with the judge because not all neighborhood schools are good quality schools. And in the new plan kids would go back to schools which might be segregated.
Assertion#3 in 1974 court ordered busing and it was the only strategy. Edvidence: Blacks tried different things but didn"t have enough money so the busing actually gave the power to the courts to be able to transport the kids to different schools. Also a lot of kids neighborhoods were segregated and kids went to their neighborhood schools and a lot of there neighborhood schools were good. Finally parents were angry that they couldn"t make any decisions or have any control of sending there child to a certain school.


Assertion #1: Court-ordered desegregation plans do more harm than good. Questions about schooling should be left to communities to solve.
They cause more violence
They invaded parent"s decisions
They forced students to go to schools were they didn"t wanted to go.

Assertion #2: Students and society do not benefit more children are not able to attend racially integrated schools.
6th graders could lie on survey.
Is this only for blacks and Latinos?
Self-esteem could be from something other than diversity.
Kids still have separate groups in a diverse school.

Assertion #3: Race should not be used as a basis for school assignment.
Parents wanted better neighborhood schools for their children.
17 states where racially separated schools were required by law.
No child left behind is a tool to help teachers to teach better to any kind of race.
Debate Round No. 1


Question#1 Even though the court invaded the parent"s decisions, what if the parents are sending there child to a poorly educated school? The courts shouldn"t help in and help the child?

Question #2 Self esteem isn"t just for diversity but if kids are around more equal of their race don"t you think they would feel more compterable? And it would hire there esteem.

Question#3 How does it cause more violence?


#1 Why are you going to send your kid to a shool you don't know?
#2 You want the judge to take away your authority of your kid?
#3 Why does the judge gets to deside for you and take part of your freedom?
Debate Round No. 2


s8285365 forfeited this round.


Answer #1 what if the court is taking the children from a good school and put the children into a bad school

Answer #2 what you mean equal of their race? that is just for kids in school what if the same race have problems with each other are they still equal?

Answer #3 because there will be violence where new kids go to a school and thinking they can take over the school so the kids who where there already will be offended and brawls will happen.
Debate Round No. 3


Answer to your questions: #1 they sent kids to schools they don't know so they could get a better education.
#2 the judges arent taking away all authority to mine and other kids, they are only controlling there education which will better them in the long run.
#3 the judges are taking part to help not take away freedom.

Rebuddle- i disagree with all your arguments you have made like i said they do not cause more violence because they are with there other peirs. they didnt invade parent's decisions they are helping them and furthuring there child's education. they forced students to schools were they didnt want to go but also parents do the same thing but the court is doing it for a better reason. the school isn't for racist baias but also it should be to help others learn to get along with eachother.


Students and society don"t benefit from diverse schools because, I don"t think it benefit because it would make more probles towarsds each other. There will be more fights between the racis.
A judge should not be able to tell parents where to send kids to school because, the parents are the one who are controlings there kids not the judge. For me the judged is wrong and the judge is the one to blame for the problems that happened in that time.
Court ordered busing is not the only way to desegregate schools because, bussing just bring more ploblems than there already is.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by jgeller 5 years ago
Marlena and Wackneer

Conduct: 4
Sources: 4 Both of you clearly used the material and understood the facts
Arguments: 4 You both clearly stayed on your side of the debate; everything you said related to the topic. Excellent job.
Spelling: 2 Your only weakness
Analysis: Excellent; great use of info. to support your own ideas. You really debated each other, not just the topic.

Thank you to you both for such a great year. You were both always so willing to do whatever it took to finish the job. That kind of work ethic will get you far in life. You give me great pride as a teacher.
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