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courts have the responsibility to create racially balanced schools

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Started: 5/21/2013 Category: Education
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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negative assertion #1 : court- ordered desegregation plans do more harm than good.
Evidence: there was a lot of violence because of desegration.
Evidence: protest were held against federal building
Evidence: school buses are getting attacked by the whites

negative assertion #2 : courts are powerless to combat prejudice
Evidence: schools are being boycott
Evidence: protest of inequality by the people
Evidence: students are attacking the balck students with rocks on buses

Negative assertion #3: schools should not be used as battlegrounds to adress inequality and discrimination.
Evidence: mayor goes to homes where parents dont agree with the plan
Evidence: school commitee fights against trying to keep races balanced
Evidence: lawsuits against commitee


Affirmative Assertion #1:
In 1974 courts " ordered busing was only strategy that could have a desegregated Boston"s public schools.
Evidence 1: Neighborhood separated by race and kids went to neighborhood schools.
Evidence 2: Boston school committee built new schools but they were still segregated.
Evidence 3: There was no law saying that kids couldn"t go to outside their neighborhood schools.
Affirmative Assertion #2:
Students and society benefit when more children are able to attend racially integrated schools.
Evidence 1: Do better academically social, psychological experience.
Evidence 2: People need to learn how to get along in the real world.
Evidence 3: There"s no pre-dominate group we are all equal.
Affirmative Assertion #3:
Courts have the power to reduce the effect of racial discrimination.
Evidence 1: Judge Garrity told Boston students they would have to be bused; this had to be obeyed
Evidence 2: The police were used to reinforce Garrity"s decision.
Evidence 3: Schools were run by the court and eventually desegregated
Debate Round No. 1


1) what other strategy could have been used instead of buses? because i think there was other ways not only buses.
2) who in reality has the power is it the court that has the power or people? why?
3) what benefit does it have on children to be racially integrated other than what you argue? personal experince?


Question 1:
If desegregation wasn't a court-order than who would of ordered desegregation and what would of happened? Would we now have a black president or would he be white?

Question 2:
Who was boycotting and building riots, was it the whites? Couldn't the whites just cooperate?

Question 3:
If it was hard for courts to desegregate students when ordered by the courts do you think adults would of cooperate if the court-ordered to desegregate or would more violence occur?
Debate Round No. 2


1) If desegregation wasnt a court-ordered decision the community the people would come together and would order desegregation because they are the ones who were experiencing it. it woulde of caused a change because the people were the ones who pushed the courts and im sure nothing would of be different today. either a white president or a black like today.
2) the whites werent coperating, not all some where against it and used violencwe against the blacks to keep them from protesting the discrimination. the blacks were protesting ion good and the whites were hitting buses with rocks in vain.
3) it was hard for courts to desegregate because they were being attacked from both sides.. people who were against and pro to what was happening. i do think adults would of cooperated if the court ordered desegregation because either way if the cort ordered it some were happy about it and other try to change it. many with violence but as time passed the violence would have to decrease.


Answer 1:
If busing wasn"t used and another method was used would it be safer than busing. Busing was a court-order and wasn"t an option.

Answer 2:
The court did have the power because if they hadn"t ordered to desegregate who would of, the school district didn"t agree they would left just how it was.

Answer 3 :
We are based on facts not personal opinions girl. The benefit that children would have had was to grow up with the experience and knowledge of other cultures that wasn"t their own.
Debate Round No. 3


I contradict assertion 1: I disagree that busing was the only strategy that could have desegregated boston public schools because if the neighborhoods where separated by race and kids went to neighborhood schools than the solution was to build new schools to create desegregation not segregation. Also if there was no law saying that kids couldn"t go to outside their neighborhood schools than busing wasn"t the only strategy. Kids could have had any other type of transpertstion or walk if they reallly wanted to. The problem wasn"t the strategy , they just tried to cut down any strategy and oppurtunity to the students causing discrimination.

I disagree with assertion 2: how can a student benefit more when children are able to attend racially integrated schools. Yes, I believe they benefit in education, friends and happiness from students and parents that they are no longer segregated. But it doesn"t go deeper than that nothing psychological about it. Yes like you said people are equal so what difference doesn"t make if your with a group of either white or black .. ?

Assertion 3: yes I agree that courts have the power to reduce the effect of racial discrimination only because they are above us, but the community and society have the power and make the decision for the court. The fact that the police had to be used shows how they had no power or control over the people. Schools were handled by the court yes, but why did this even all start? It came to the courts attention because of a fustrated society who wanted justice to be done. Other than that it wasn"t on the courts mind to take control and get something done. Yes the judge tried to calm people down by ordering busing , this was just a trick to keep the people blinded from what actually they were hiding, the discrimination towards the people. The prove clearly how the committee was all white.


Response to Assertion 1) If the court-order did more harm than good we would still be desegregrated. Violence did occur but it got the United States better opportunities. Blacks now have an equal chance as white students the same education.

Response to Assertion 2) Courts don"t have the power to combat prejudges people but if they do have the power to make change for those who don"t have equal opportunities they have to make justice for those who rights aren"t given. Students boycotting would only affect themselves not other if they were boycotting they were losing their own education the only attention they were going to get is the one is the low non-graduating classes. The only reason for the protest of inequality by the people was because some students weren"t getting the same education as others.

Response to Assertion 3) First of all battlegrounds? The only reason there was violence was because of the parents and students the courts didn"t the law they enforced it. Many other mediums were tried but none work school desegregation was an easier way to help everybody equal. The mayor was an enforcer and was only being a good mayor in helping the people who didn"t agree to understand why the court-ordered it. The only reason the school committee was fighting was because mostly everybody in the school committee was white and their children were the ones going to the schools that were being desegregated.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by jgeller 4 years ago
Kimberly and Kayla
Conduct: 4"passionate and personal, but not inappropriate
Sources: 4"excellent use without copying quotes
Convincing arguments: 4"I really couldn"t say who won, even though I"d tend to favor one side over another
Spelling and grammar: 3
Analysis: 4
I have appreciated the passion, the drive, and the reliability of you girls all year. You are two students who made the year special for me.
Posted by kAguilar8611 4 years ago
All the sources came from Facing History anfd Ourselves
Posted by wrichcirw 4 years ago
Without sources this debate is pointless. Not participating.
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