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courts have the responsibility to create racially balanced schools

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Started: 5/21/2013 Category: Education
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Affirmative assertion #1: the benefit of racially integrated.
Evidence: no group of kids is stronger than the other.
Evidence: kids feel safe, less bullied, and less lonely.
Evidence: later on in life you"re going to work with diversity people.
Affirmative assertion #2: kids will be safe.
Evidence: kids will be closer to home.
Evidence: all the same kind of race.
Evidence: kids will go to neighborhood schools
Affirmative assertion #3: U.S. supreme court law
Evidence: kids will go to school and not take buses
Evidence: we don"t need the police to reinforce the law
Evidence: no more problems


Negative Assertion #1: The Court ordered desegregation plans do more harm than good.

*They caused more violence within two different races (Blacks and Whites).
*They Invaded parents decisions and taking over their educational life's.
*They forced students go to a different school that was far away from home.

Negative Assertion #2: Supreme Court and Boston's Schools a bad combination.

*Made blacks and whites more violent and caused many fights
*Boston schools were poor educated and the schools wasn't constructed well
*The judge's rule ran through 15 years and all those years fights happened and made parents follow that ruling.

Negative Assertion #3: Boston was a battle ground

*Whites and blacks went on strikes trying to stop the ruling because the court doesn't have the rights to tell what school to go to.
*Blacks and whites fought each other with weapons and they all hated each other.
*instead of desegregating the schools they just made different races violent with each other.
Debate Round No. 1


#1 Was there any black people getting violence?
#2 Dont you want the best school for your kid? but the best school is far way? what are you going to do?
#3 Where is your evidence that black and whites fought each other with weapons?


1 Would you like to follow the court and send your kid to an unknown school that might be a bad school?
#2 Why should we follow the judges ruling if it doesn't involve him, he doesn't know the real situation?
#3 You want them to intrude on your decisions and let them take a part of your freedom choice?
Debate Round No. 2


1 yes I will let the court send my kid to any school. but what makes a school a bad one?
#2 the Jude's has right to make things equal that's his job. he does know the situation because he found out that school were desegregating.
#3 they already took are decision we don't have freedom


#1 Yes there was black people getting violent against whites and the people around them they also made strikes.
#2 What if it isn"t the best school? What if it"s the worst? I"m not going to let someone else tell me how to raise my own child.
#3 The video of "Eyes on the Prize" would be a great evidence of the two different races fighting each other with weapons and harming each other instead of uniting them and making desegregation.
Debate Round No. 3


cuff_you_know_who_this_is forfeited this round.


Both groups where equally violent with each other the video said there was many fights in the schools where they forced the students to go to.

The judge sent the kids to what ever school so segregation would stop. because the blacks were treated bad. the parents wanted the schools to be better not to force their kids to a school far from home. wouldnt a white parent be mad if the judge took his kid from a high educated school and sending them to a low educated school?

What you mean it doesnt matter the black kids in now a days they dont care about what their past did for them. but i am sure the parents would want the best for their kids the blacks and whites felt offended that a judge would get involve in a case that isnt his responsibility. Judges responsibility is to bring justice to the people who go against the laws. Not to tell kids to go to some school that he doesnt even know if its good. Ask the judge if he would send his own kid to another school and he will hesitate and he would said yes but trully he wouldnt do it. If this happens in rhode island and i have a kid i will never send my kid to another school i will simply not follow his command he doesnt have the rights to tell me where to send my own kid. The judge isnt my father or the father of my kid i can tell my kid whats right and wrong and i will send him to a school where i want to send him to.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by jgeller 4 years ago
Mikey and Ulises

Conduct: 4 passionate, but stuck to the topic
Sources: 4 excellent use of the material, very detailed points
Arguments: 4 I love the way you really talked to each other
Spelling and grammar: 3
Analysis: good combination of hypothetical and actual evidence

Gentlemen, what a pleasure this year has been. Ulises, you are not the child you were 7 months ago. You really grew into what I expected you to be. I have enjoyed both our academic as well as our personal interaction. It will be a long time before I have two such memorable students.
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