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Started: 4/20/2009 Category: Health
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Have you already heard about this:
The development of new drugs based on plant extracts of Anacardium occidentale, Moringa oleifera, Sclerocarya birrea of Prosopis africana object of this invention has been a significant reduction in blood glucose levels in patients a normal refonctionnement the body secretes insulin (pancreas) and a disappearance of clinical and paraclinical signs of diabetes.
It seems that a cure has been found,and will the pills sell on the internet be able to cure the diabete?


There are so many claims it's impossible to evaluate this combination without specific research citation. What is the source of your info? There's a zillion herbs and a zillion uses for them. Who knows?

Most people with diabetes don't even know they have it. It's basically, as far as anyone knows, a lifetime sugar overload. Your sugar-reducing mechanisms just ran out of gas. Indigenous people are especially suceptible upon encountering Western junk food. Otherwise it's because you drank fifty gallons of soda pop per year and didn't exercise. Exercise is the key to controlling diabetes yet we still won't exercise.

An effective health program starts with the patient. Exercise, fresh air, diet and a healthy attitude. Without these things you are just fooling yourself.

Google "herbal diabetes cures" and many African herbs appear. Big Pharma is patenting folk remedies that have been used for thousands of years by indigenous people and making big bucks putting the Medicine Man out of business. Don't buy in to this madness. See a naturopath. Ask around health food and vitamin stores. Read books about herbal medicine. Learn more about your health. Visit websites


My treatment for diabetes: A five hundred percent tax on junk food. You might want to up that when you see the cost of treating diabetes or its effects. You lose your limbs and organs and eyesight. And then it gets ugly. There are other evil effects of sugar also including your entire digestive system from the teeth down. Just think about that delicious ice cream as the dentist is drilling. Brush, floss and squirt. See a dentist regularly. No sugar. Fresh meat or fresh fruit, whole grain cereals and green leafy veggies.

Or just ban junk food. Exercise but not too much. Start with a minute and a half every other day. Don't pay a zillion dollars to join a gym. Visit your city gym or park or pool. Hike. Bike. Smash your car. Don't eat between meals. Get enough sleep. Eat less fat. Health awareness for everyone.

Anacardium occidentala

Moringa oleifera

Sclerocarya birrea of Prosopis africana

From Africa.
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The cost of treatinng diabetes. Doubles in six years.

Best thing is to not get it.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by InfraRedEd 8 years ago
InfraRedEd A pretty radical treatment. Stem cells.
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Vote Placed by pcmbrown 8 years ago
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