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did Hitler have it right

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Started: 10/9/2015 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Humanity these days are plagued by genetic defects disease and crime. Hitler seems to be the only man who had the stomach to do what must be done. We should re instigate Auschwitz and have holocaust 2.0, but this time instead of Jews it will be any and everyone who does not fit our ideal future, i'm not bias to who I cleanse from the planets surface. The writers of the purge had the right idea, in this glorious future we will all be a lot happier and safer in our day today lives.


The debate title seems to be in favor of Hitler, but your argument is much more for eugenics in general. In fact, you even point out that Hitler did not have it right, in that apparently Jews aren't the right people we need to kill. You seem to ignore the fact that not only were Jews murdered, but Romanians, Homosexuals, and any political opponent. Hitler's mass murder wasn't for the betterment of mankind, especially if his vison of mankind is only a select few racial, ethnic, sexual, and political groups, which are further narrowed down in that a person must meet all of these characteristics to be deemed worthy. I would say that Hitler was doing his murder for the good of his German motherland, but the same objection above still applies.

I have to wander why genetic defects, disease, and crime are all listed as if they are equal. How would eugenics stop crime? If anything, the very existence of a wide spread mass holocaust would be the worst example of a crime ever done by the human race. Crime is influenced by social factors and economic factors, which I don't think would go away, even if the number of humans were drastically reduced.

And disease? If anything, this would hurt our ability to deal with disease. It is our genetic diversity that allows us to adapt to changes, and, just as a reference, breeding the golden retriever lost 35% of their original genetic diversity.

"i'm not bias to who I cleanse from the planets surface."

Right, you may be a mass murder approving, neo nazi scum f*ck, but you aren't biased on who you disgustingly murder.
(Something of a side note, I'm not allowed to say f*ck on this website, but we can say murder the unwanted?)

Lastly you talk about the Purge, but I find this pretty ironic. You seem to think that 1. the purge is eugenics (the Purge is class warfare), and that 2. the writers were remotely in favor of it. You... do know what a dystopia is, right? 1984 was a story about a tyrannical, totalitarian government, but Orwell wasn't giving it a thumbs up. The Purge is clearly a horrific human rights violation, and this point is made even clearer in the second movie.

Can you propose any actual arguments for this horrendous trash? Oh, and please make it more readible than Mein Kampf next time.

Debate Round No. 1


GentleBrokeFooly forfeited this round.


Too busy at a klan rally to respond?
Debate Round No. 2


GentleBrokeFooly forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by GentleBrokeFooly 2 years ago
troll, hitler was a dick. now stalin, he was a good guy
Posted by PointyDelta 2 years ago
Definitely trolling.

Pls rip him.
Posted by roflwaffle 2 years ago
I think the proposition may be trolling. Combat the peasant with facts, knowledge and beautiful debating skills.
Posted by YaHey 2 years ago
A voter might think right now that I should lose my conduct point for calling pro a Scum F*ck, but let me counter: 1. he is a scum f*ck, and 2, he's a neo nazi.
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Reasons for voting decision: What the actual fuck. FF anyways. Btw no I agree he is a fucking scumbag and I won't take away points <3