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did the muslims create all the modern sciences that we know and study now like physics maths ... ?

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Started: 3/13/2015 Category: Science
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To be honnest, the words used in sciences today don't seem latin ,in fact they're not because the translators are the ones who alter these words from arabic to latin . so, we should shake if the arabs are the ones who invited most of these words or not? so as a a student i tried to learn about arabs and their civilization and surprisingly , i found out that the most of theories were said by arabian scientists and the "europeans" did just the translation and because of that, europeans who was living in the darkness, developped their minds and thought about the techniques that made the great civilzation of islam and i've got arguments, for example: darwin translated the evolutionary theory from another muslim philosopher called EL JAHEDH after many centuries so you can see crystal clear that thank to arabs efforts we're here today !


Pro's possession involves an inherent assertion that Muslims were the sole creators of all modern math and science. In order to win this debate, I must simply find ONE instance where this statement is untrue.

In roughly 480 BCE, A greek scientist by the name of Thales used astronomy to correctly predict when an eclipse would happen [1]. This was no fewer than 1000 years before Muhammad, the founder of Islam, was even born [2]. Unless an Islamic nation mastered time travel and introduced the modern science known as astronomy to the Ancient Greeks, Pro's claim has been completely and utterly falsified. I rest my case.

Debate Round No. 1


all you said is just a fallacy , i am not suprised that you don't know and i didn't expect that you know because europeans (i don't despise them) used to hide the truth and we know all of us why ! so i'm going to explain more for all : i didn't say that muslim created astronomy but they ameliorate it after the efforts of THALES but there's a truth that no one can hide or despise is that the muslims are the ones who created "the algebra " ( AL-JABR) and the ones who establish the first university in the human history ,who establish the first hospital , the first library, and even the first Constitution that consists in CORAN and i will stay the whole year mentioning the Achievements of muslims and DO not forget the first one who tried to fly is a muslim in kortoba (called ABES IBN FERNES ) before centuries of the tries of Wright brothers .i forgive your ignorance because it's not your fault and if you want to learn about the great muslim civilization that's a link for more informations:
THANK YOU BECAUSE YOU WERE THE REASON THAT I TALK ABOUT THAT TOPIC 5 ( i wait for your answer write me soon ....)


I hate to have to begin the second round of a debate like this, but I must. Pro, the resolution specifically states the word "all". If somebody, in this case me, proves that they did not create the science of astronomy, then the debate is over. I'm sure that the Muslims made very good strides and invented lots of sciences and math concepts, but that's irrelevant. The word "all" means that there is no room for other people such as Thales to come in and invent sciences. As a result of this, Pro's entire second round argument was negated before he even wrote anything.
Debate Round No. 2


when i say "the modern sciences" and i mentionned "physics , maths " i mean the basic sciences that you learn .con, you tried to focus on "all" and here,it's pretty clear that you want to bring down my argument without even defeating it . i won't discuss with you the process that you used beause it's a plan to flee . THALES didn't establish astonomy he just thought about the possibilities to make a solar system (of course in his own vision) since the basic strides were done in Mesopotamia (iraq today) . all that negate your whole argument. i wish you have understood what i said ! ( write soon ..)


Is astronomy not a modern science? I will be taking a course on it next year in school. Somebody should really tell my school district to cancel the class if it's so outdated.

Yes you did mention "physics" and "math", but you also used the term "like". This means that your were including all other major sciences.

The basic strides were done in Mesopotamia? Please enlighten me about how the Sumerians were followers of Muhammad 5000 years before he existed. Pro has literally just negated his own argument by claiming that Astronomy began in a place where Muslims did not, and could not, exist.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by bluesteel 2 years ago
>Reported vote: Futurepresident2048 // Moderation action: Removed<

5 points to Con (arguments, conduct, S&G). {RFD = Reasons for voting decision: Pro learn how to debate.}

[*Reason for Removal*] Failure to explain every single point awarded
Posted by n7 2 years ago
Which Muslim scientist came up with relativity? Or quantum mechanics?
Posted by verdanos 2 years ago
Jonbonbon : that 's not as you said and if you want to challlenge me or to deny the muslims' achivements i 'll be ready for another debate !
Posted by AlternativeDavid 2 years ago
I think it's funny that Pro put Europeans in quotation marks. Is he trying to say he doesn't believe Europeans exist?
Posted by AlternativeDavid 2 years ago
It's good to be back.
Posted by Jonbonbon 2 years ago
Blanket statements are generally false.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con got him on the "all" technicality. But regardless the premise is faulty to begin with. Islam is not responsible for modern science. Just because they are the for runners in math and physics does not mean they created modern conceptions. Pro brings up Darwin and how he copied an Arab (citation needed), but not even Darwin is considered an expert in biology or evolution in modern times. Today the many muslims in the middle east reject evolution!