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dirtyness in city

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Started: 10/30/2014 Category: Science
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hello..everyone..this topic is relating to dirtiness in city that everyone is watching but could not do anything as proper action is not taken. dirtiness is may cause for the growth of many diseases that is caused because of this wastage. dirtiness can be easily seen everyone where there is disposal of waste, in the villages there is proper disposing system. in cities very people are educated but they do not use their brains and throw the wastage like plastics, vegetable waste, unwanted material that is not used in house on streets which is further harmful to cows as they eat plastic ans die as result. the dirtiness is also seen when the drain hole is opened to clean the drain men who cleans the drains leaves that wastage outside their in streets resulting to growth of various mosquitoes and houseflies that spread diseases like malaria and many other which is harmful for all people leaving their.the authority who are responsible for picking this scraps and wastage does not come to see that place for long time. dirtiness can also be seen at public places like sweets shop restaurants temples marriage lawns and many other places where there no proper cleanliness. government should take proper regarding this particular topic. people show throw their household waste to big dustbin which is kept by government. we people should maintain the system of cleanliness. if the city is dirty the tourist line whill be affected which will lead to lesser income and lesser popularity of city.


Cities are clean, people are not. When the two come together.. *boom* dirty environment. Its our fault and we should fix it.
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Posted by Mr.Chorlton 2 years ago
I moved to Mexico City just over a year ago and it is disgusting.
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