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disbelief is the fall of an angel

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Started: 11/2/2015 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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belief is false

disbelief is the fall of an angel, when love turns to hate.. all christians are atheists to unicorn heaven


Pride is the fall of an angel. Pride turns into elevating yourself over the higher authority.

Pride = Hate for others + Selfishness.

Unicorn heaven or not, disbelief or not, angel or not, Pride is the the ultimate destruction.

Proverbs 16:18: "Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall." NIV

Question: is there really a goal for this debate? O_o
Debate Round No. 1





truth=disbelief, to a believer


Disbelief = Belief in another + hate for the first/original

Belief = Love + Faithfulness

Truth = The first/the Original

Lie = Anything except the first/original (Truth)

Pride = Selfishness -Truth x evil = Only me is (self-proclaimed) truth (lie).

Fallen = decrease in height or rank

Angel = holy + spiritual + creature

Simply put, belief is Love for what you perceive as truth; even if it is truth or a lie. Disbelief is the fall of Angels if you are speaking in a certain context. How specific are you with disbelief? Disbelief is what, and what is the substitute for the disbelief?

Debate Round No. 2


ok my move

disbelief is hate, belief is love.. an angels falls when love turns to hate, while believer in unicorn heaven love their gods to and to them there is no story of hell at all

belief is the opposite of knowledge, knowledge is truth

truth is a lie in a religious world, because i just got a new key to my house

belief is the opposite of truth.
you can believe that i didnt just get a new key to my house

disbelief=belief to the contrary=no position based on a belief, or yes position to another imaginary claim=negative emotional attachment to information

E=energy=positive negative and balance



True, angels do fall when they hate the truth, but that would mean they would now have to love a lie.

If there is no hell, then there cannot be heaven. If there is only heaven and no hell, then there is no negative consequence for the angels' actions, therefore, the angel cannot fall. So, is it really heaven if there is nothing lesser than its perfection?

Belief and knowledge work together. Having no belief would mean that you are only a potato god, because a potato has no belief in itself. To have a belief you would have to have knowledge. If there was no knowledge, then there would not be an existence; and if there is no existence, then there is no Lamborghini that you would get from the result of belief and knowledge.

Truth and belief are not opposites of each other. Truth and lies are opposites. You can either believe in Truth or a lie. Belief is what you would do with Truth or lies. It has no polar position against Truth.

Disbelief = not belief in presented belief = belief in another Truth (or lie).
Debate Round No. 3


belief=be lie, as i dont know is true

hell is to much heaven, can be like waking up from a good dream

belief is unknown, knowledge is known

a potato dosnt know itself and so have no knowledge to paint a picture to believe

math is insanity, until i find know the answer

disbelief=belief to the contrary, the no position, based on a yes to a different god

the redo the equation as i see it.
disbelief=belief against presented belief truth or true


OnlineMissionary197 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


OnlineMissionary197 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
belief is the opposite of knowledge, having a belief is not having knowledge, belief is unknown and knowledge is known

negative needs positive for it to exist

to much love is hell


unless my word is gods word, i have to be lying to you about getting a new key
Posted by OnlineMissionary197 2 years ago
Glad you agree God's word is truth, but speculative that you just declared God dead at the end there.

Round #5

In order to have a belief, you need knowledge. In order to have knowledge, you need to have a belief. A belief is used by putting knowledge in a certain perspective. And without knowledge, you have no information to put perspective too. Thus, knowledge are not opposites, in fact they need each other to exist.

I would like to correct you grammar to where "to" is supposed to be "too" in the statement, "Hell is to (too) much like heaven." And from what I am understanding from that statement, you are saying that hell is greater than heaven. As to the relativity of the definitions on heaven and hell, I do not understand that statement. What do you actually mean by that?

Yes, a demon is simply an angel who left heaven. But God is very much alive. This is where I refer back to Pride. For an angel to fall, he would have to elevate himself over God (Pride). Therefore, God castes the angel out of heaven, and declared a rebel (demon).

disbelief is still belief. It's just not belief in the current view.


Question: I just saw your other debate, "gods word is not truth because i just got a new key to my house.." -_- Dude, do you need help!? What is that even suppose to mean!?!?! HAHAHAHA!!!! (facepalm)
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
yes, gods word is truth, i will just put my coffe cup down on my red table real fast.. anyway

belief is the opposite of knowledge, beliefs are false

hell is to much heaven..

because it takes an angel to fall for a demon to exist, god must die

disbelief is belief to the contrary
Posted by OnlineMissionary197 2 years ago
If I made it on time, this would be my next argument:

Belief = perceiving and following a view as truth.
Belief has nothing to do with it being a lie. You can believe a lie, or you can believe truth. If it is a lie, you would not believe it, so instead you believe something else. If you wanted to know if it is true, you would search and back up your belief with knowledge. If you don"t aid you belief with knowledge, and you just simply don"t have a reason to pursue that belief, then you are following a blind belief.

If hell is much like heaven, then what is your definition of heaven or hell? Sound like you are saying there is no heaven or hell. There is nothing after life. Everything stops existing. Then if there is no heaven and hell, then there is no angel, thus an angel cannot fall, because it does not exist. It is only perceived through dreams, thus there really is no point to this debate because we only see it in the way we wish to see it in whatever way possible.

Blind belief is unknown. Belief is known. Knowledge is known.

Exactly, a potato cannot think, know, or do anything. It is nothing. So like I said, not believing is nothing. A potato cannot believe. Though, if you do not believe in anything, then you are believing in something. You believe there is nothing. Yet, you would say you don"t believe, but you do. It"s one of those things that is impossible to get rid of, unless you somehow found a way to rewrite logic in reality.

M: Mental
A: Abuse
T: To
H: Humans

Disbelief = belief in another. You always have a belief. Disbelief just means you don"t believe in this belief.
Posted by OnlineMissionary197 2 years ago
Dang it! I had absolutely no time to come back to this argument. I'm disappointed that I missed the last 2 rounds. Oh Well...
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
know the answer*
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
Posted by OnlineMissionary197 2 years ago
Sorry, that last questions is supposed to be "Disbelief in what?" Not "is".
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
lies are complicated by sepeartion, and true is simple now as one, its simple
Posted by WhyNotPeace 2 years ago
You know guys... I think he/she may have thoughts... simple, simple thoughts. But... not... not complicated thoughts.
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