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do u think the government should legalize drugs because they sell em legally why can't we

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Started: 3/24/2015 Category: People
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I just feel like this America we live in so they say why sell us drugs overprice them but get mad when we as people do it I just don't get it they already controll everything else just want u guys opinion not to say the drugs don't help some but the same reason they don't want us to deal is the same reason they do it I'm just saying


However, when the government sells the so called "drugs" they are used for medicinal purposes. The government however shouldn't legalize and support the selling of drugs that are scientifically known to be dangerous for you, to be super addictive, for people to become intoxicated to extreme extents all under the purpose of recreation.

When the government sells drugs, they do so for medicine. If you are sick you can get better. Legalizing something such as cocaine so that people have an excuse to get high would just result in them becoming more readily available and in turn more people becoming addicted, intoxicated and yes a higher death rate due to that.
Debate Round No. 1


Well seeing how the government sells these drugs and people still abuse them sell them and how could u trust them when most of them are selling them in the black market but Waite that's the stuff the government tries to hide


It's ultimately the persons responsibility to properly administer the medications prescribed to them and yes, some people still have the chance to abuse them. However there's a difference between the person ultimately being in the wrong for consciously choosing to abuse medications prescribed and the government legalizing drugs for recreation.

The matter is doctors can prescribe medications to help cure illnesses. Drugs however still have the tendency to be super addictive, have severe withdrawl and overdose effects and can severely impair the person taking them. Whether for recreation or not this practice could get very deadly.

When it comes right down to it, people can abuse medications but that doesn't give the right to legalize dangerous drugs.

Let's compare it to the Death penalty. You can legally execute someone effectively murdering them, but that also doesn't mean that we should legalize murder because of that.
Debate Round No. 2


I c they got u in control to but anyways I c your side I guess there's nothing else to debate your turn


And by admitting defeat and not posting a well claimed argument you have therefore stated that you have run out of rebuttals whereas I still have many. Since this is the final round I have nothing to argue against. You have forfeited in a sense.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by bartset 2 years ago
Go Con Go!!!!
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