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do you think british govermnt bend backwards for the muslms?

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Started: 7/3/2015 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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i just wanted to post something interested that had today.
i was in supermarket looking at few newspaper when a old black men was aslo looking at newspaper, starting to talk to me.
he was reading something that muslums culture are doing their thing here in the uk like pologramy marriages ( men can have more than 1 wife in thier culture) but in uk it not allowed but he keeping say that the british people are allow them , as they allow them a lot freedroms , he keeping saying british bend backwards for them... for years. he aslo said muslum even have they own court sytems here.
but in thier countrys they want to kill britsih people
he aslo said the worse are the british muslum , the ones who go to other countries and kill british people.
he aslo comment why are they treated different,he aslo belive the main cuase of the bomb in 2005 was all the freedom british goverment give to them.

you know what, i was thinking
is he right or wrong?
do you agree or disagree why?
I did made a commment to him saying maybe british goverment are scared of them as we all know they CAN be very dangerous... or is it because britain as a lot buiness connections with them and they dont wanna lose them,


Kind Regards for this Debate. I will stand by the point that 'british govermnt is not bend backwards for the muslms'.

I will take this debate (a little bit) serious, however I would like to correct Pros countless spelling mistakes....

Opening Statement:

As to the Topic 'do you think british govermnt bend backwards for the muslms?', or the English translation of said topic, 'Do you think the British government is bending backwards for Muslims?' I represent the Con side, as to that I do not believe that the British government is bending backwards for Muslims and hold this opinion for several reasons.

1st.) Pros 'source' was an old black man who was reading newspapers in a supermarket. Now, I don't know about you but unless he is a terrorism, legal or social studies expert I do not see this as evidence to anything. Furthermore he was wrong in almost everything he stated.

2nd.) Pro does not seem to have an opinion on the topic, as everything Pro posted is only on a question, not a statement or argumentative level. Furthermore, there is no evidence as to Pros claims other than the 'old black man', who, once again, is not an authority on the subject. Who is this old black man, who seemingly knows so much about the UK's socio religious issues?

3rd.) The British do not allow polygamy marriage. Muslims can have several wives, however, this is not recognised by the UK and as such not a lawful bond between husband and wife. Any of those women could simply leave their husband, while the men could do the same, as they are, legally speaking, not married. (

4th.) Muslims do not have their own court system in the UK. This rumour seemingly was started by newspapers (now we know the sources of this mysterious old black man) who have no clue about legal procedures. ( This is simply (and seemingly) a kind of contract, just like clauses in a marriage contract that give either side a amount of money in case of unfaithfulness, just that it is set in a 'sharia law' style setting. Don't sign it if you don't agree?? Also note that this, to my knowledge has not been made legal, so, once again, the old black man was incorrect.

5th.) I would like to address the 'evidence' that British Muslims are 'the worst'. I wouldn't know how the 'source' would have this information. I cannot distinguish who are the 'worst' Muslims, as this is so broadly defined that I will not even comment on how stupid this is..

6th.) How are Muslims treated differently? The only thing I know is that they are heavily discriminated and treated badly. In fact, this ( news-article claims that Muslims 'face worst job discrimination of any minority group, according to research' and that male Muslims were 76% less likely to have a job compared to their white, Christian British counterparts. So yes, Muslims are treated differently, but not in a way that would benefit them, which seems to be what the 'old black man' seems to think.

7th.) I do not know nor can I find the alleged Muslim freedom that the UK government is giving Muslims. As far as I know they are treated the same as everyone else.

8th.) I do not think the British government is scared of them, many Muslims are immigrants who could be sent back to their countries if they'd cause problems. Also, Muslims make up 2.8% of UK citizens, against 71.6% Christians. A tiny number, overall.

9th.) Muslims 'can' be 'dangerous'? In what sense? Also, lets assume you mean killings. There are 1.6 Billion followers of Islam. About 56 million humans die each year, according to the WHO. Now, If I calculate that each one of these 56 million humans is killed by a different follower of Islam we get 56 million Muslims that killed somebody, correct? 56 million is a mere 3.5% of the worldwide followers of Islam, and obviously this is just to showcase how ridiculous the claim is that 'Muslims can be dangerous'. In every religious group there are 'dangerous' individuals, to pretend that Islam is the only one is just biased, naive and plain stupid.

10th.) The UK, to my knowledge, doesn't treat Muslims any better than anyone else.. In a sense actually worse. Also, who is 'them', in context to the question 'is it because britain as a lot buiness connections with them and they dont wanna lose them'? Please specify!


In conclusion Pro did not include an actual argument, nor voice an opinion nor statement, but just wrote a basic story asking for ideas. Con negated the 'source', as well as provide evidence to support this, as well as the topic, that the British government is not bend backwards for Muslims.

Kind Regards, I am looking forward to the next round.
Debate Round No. 1


raquel123 forfeited this round.


No need for rebuttals nor extension.
Debate Round No. 2


raquel123 forfeited this round.


Pro has failed to provide a standpoint or any sort of argument. Pro has failed to provide any kind of actual source or evidence, other than the 'old black man'. Pro has forfeited all rounds.

Con has used sources and actual evidence to rebut all of Pros 'claims', although Pros standpoint on the topic is unsure, as they did not provide neither an opinion nor an actual argument.

In conclusion I have to say that I do not think that "british govermnt bend backwards for the muslms."

Kind Regards to Pro, all readers and all voters.

Have a nice day!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by WAM 3 years ago
Well, it's one of the things you can do. But there are people out there who are simply stupid and will humiliate themselves throughout their whole life.

But I'm glad you see a grain of truth in that, many people don't..

Also, I did not believe, and still do not, that she will even reply. I'd assume a forfeit through every round is quite likely. I guess we'll see in 2 days...
Posted by Makaveli83 3 years ago
I was going to reply and counter but your statement that humiliation is the weapon against stupidity sold it. I love that. To you Sir I bow
Posted by WAM 3 years ago
In a sense the English language is evolving because of laziness, however, this does not make it grammatically or logically correct. New words are being added, however, the core words stay the same.

Okay, let's not call it language then, but communication in general. Animals can act through emotions and feelings and some (very advanced) monkeys can 'communicate' through symbols explained to them by humans. However, they do not communicate in the sense humans do. This by far is the greatest 'achievement' of humanity, though more or less developed by evolution, so I could settle to say that the written word or ancient paintings could also be considered as this. Without these, humanity would not even be similar to what it is today.

I even gave her a sticker! I also stated right at the beginning that I wouldn't take this debate too serious. However, what pisses me off is when people are simply too lazy to use basic grammar and there is no excuse for this. She spelled words correctly, only to spell them incorrectly afterwards. Tenses were exactly the same.

Also, your grammar is good. If someone is already making a fool out of themselves by using this kind of grammar and seemingly has no shame of doing so, then why would I not make fun of them? If someone says 'you don't need maths' and gets ripped off at the cash register, you damn well know that I'll make fun of them. Humiliation is the weapon against stupidity! And in this sense I mean behaviour and not skill or intelligence.

You are incorrect however to assume that spelling in a debate is not important, especially in an online one. Spelling and grammar are the only things you have. You cannot express emotion nor see it, words need to be used correctly or will be used against you. "something interested that had today". That makes no sense, or does it? If you cannot spell important words like 'Muslim', then you either get trolled or beaten. Or both. Because definition and meaning are the most important th
Posted by Makaveli83 3 years ago
I value your opinion but the English language is a language evolved through being lazy. So many new words keep being added. The language changes with the times. Language the most important part of humanity. I wouldn't quite go that far seeing as any form of life has it's own language or ways of communicating. It can be seen as a social duty to correct people when wrong and I thought you were wrong so I did my duty. If it was a joke then happy days. I just don't like people thinking someone is stupid for grammatical reasons. My grammar is poor but I'm far from stupid. I agree with your spell check comment. Your point could have simply been to ask if she was aware there was a spell check. Even if sarcastically. Yes spelling is important in terms of applications or important letters etc but an online debate? Ot in my opinion. The point or view is more important. In sure there are grammar websites to discuss corrections online. If i spk like this u still get wat I'm sayin. I can still live and have fun by talkin like discuss. So I still have something. But tha ks for the debate.
Posted by WAM 3 years ago
1st of all, this was clearly a joke.
Also, no, it is not judgemental. It is simply stating the truth. English is my second language, but I do not write like this. I failed English at school, but do not write like this. Being uneducated is no excuse for not being able to check your basic grammar. Some experts believe dyslexia is a myth and I am partly of that opinion. Stop making excuses for something that is a case of pure laziness.

Language is the most important achievement of humanity, pulling it through the dirt should not be advocated. I normally do not correct mistakes, however, when they are severe I most surely will. Can it not be considered a social duty to correct other people when they are incorrect? Are you not helping them? Maybe in the future she will know how to write 'Muslims' and 'also', would that not be better than if I did not say anything?

The issue is, that the grand majority of people, when looking at what she has wrote will think she is stupid. However, I think it is a simple case of being lazy. If I do not know how to spell a word I look it up. When I finish writing I click the 'check your spelling' button below. So I don't make a fool of myself by seemingly not knowing how to spell basic words or use basic grammar. Or would you not agree? Because you are basically saying that spelling is not important, calling people 'grammar police'. And that is not true. If we do not have our language, we have basically nothing.
Posted by Makaveli83 3 years ago
Please put more effort in. So people can understand you.

Even with all the errors, grammatically speaking, anyone could understand what was trying to be said. Please put some effort in, can be portrayed as judgemental. Could still be learning the English language, could be uneducated or dyslexic. As a newbie to the site I do hope others aren't grammar police.
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Vote Placed by Emilrose 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro forfeited all remaining rounds so arguments from Con were left uncontested. Spelling and grammar also goes to Con as Pro made a number of *highlighted* errors in round one.