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dream nter pretation

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Started: 4/22/2011 Category: Science
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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dream interpretation is an un known phenomenon. if it is revealed with clarity we can take adequate steps to stream line our life how as to lead a coordinated life. we wonder at the people how much they are curious and believe in dream inter pretation


Dream interpretation - "•Dream interpretation is the process of assigning meaning to dreams." [1]

Dream interpretation is assigning meaning to the meaningless, and so, it is inaccurate and un-scientific. Now, before I get too far into this, I will say that every now and again, a "dream interpretation" may seem accurate. To this, I'd say, "a broken clock is still right once every 12 hours."

The reason that we know, from a scientific stand point, that you cannot assign meaning to dreams, is because dreams don't have a meaning or a purpose. [2]

I will end this short and sweet and let my opponent make his arguments.

Debate Round No. 1


in waking state body and mind co ordinates . experience and experience r are preset. where as experiences takes place in dream state, when body is n aware. i totally insists that our body is having a alarming system to know our inner feelings like, fear, emotions, health disorders, where as we do not have roper tool to investigate accurately.hence the theory of interpretation can not be rule out .good day


It appears that my arguments in Round 1 went unchallenged, so I will extend those arguments.

In responce to my opponenet's argument, I will say that often dreams don't mean anything. The fact that we have, on average several dreams every single night, yet will often only remember a few a week implies that these dreams are not very important. Now, research has shown the existance of Beta wave dreams (dreams in which there is high brain activity, as opposed to the other 3 types of brain waves, Delta, Theta, and Alpha) which only occur when are brains are highly stressed, however, those dreams don't really reveal anything to you, since you are almost always already aware that you are stressed (just watched a scary movie, have a big meeting that could be the difference between a promotion and being jobless the next day, stuff).

Debate Round No. 2


dream state is ver y much to be cosidered though they do not p active role in real life. in waking state your activities are
preformedby body,moneterd by mind . all the time the experiencer is prese where as you body is connected and rest are manipulated by subconcious mind as per the mind mapping. at this s tate our biologicl needs and invluntary functions
h to be met. sie body is totally dis nnected. if theshenomenon is studied with proper sceienfic method we can tae proper steps to ma intain und health.this is the same reason why ho meopathy diagnoss is based on dreams, every thing
has behind which our technology is in search.many people exp erience snes floods, snakes,flames ,these commondreams
give us certain hope


I'm not going to bring in any new arguments, since this is the final round.

However, I will just say that I leave this in the hands of the voters. Read through all arguments and all evidence.

Thank you.
Debate Round No. 3
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