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Is bullet train a need for india


I think we dont need it as our economy is not developed...

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The UK should adopt the Euro?


Many people have tried to answer this question with formal face to face debates, it's just that much of a thing to argue about. So here I go arguing over a website about something which means a good amount to me because I'm British.I am arguing for going against the Euro being adopted by the UK. If you want to know why, I'll give you one reason now: The Euro is a currency in crisis. Remember the Eurozone crash? Greece, Ireland, Italy and a few other EU member states found themse...

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Should Minimum Wage be reduced to the 1964 rate of $1 an hour in the US


The Minimum Wage should be reduced to $1 an hour in the US Reasons: 1. Prices for goods will reduce to reflect the reduction in labor costs. 2. The US Dollar will become stronger, because it will be able to buy more goods....

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FTA and EU integration for Western Balkan Countries are better for the development of the countries


The liberalization of the Balkan economies was seen by the EU, the USA and the major international financial institutions as necessary to attract and steer, politically and financially, the ex-Yugoslav nations on the way to western model of society. The Central Eastern Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA) in its most recent shape was established in 2007 and since then have made achivements but also raised problems. The commercial links established in the last four years along the region, although still...

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Raising the federal minimum wage would not be economically beneficial


Resolved: Raising the federal minimum wage would not be economically beneficial Shared burden of proof....

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It is economically illogical to pay for digital content.


Greetings. For my first debate, I have a pet economic hypothesis that I would like to test. Since I will be using some basic-level economic theories and concepts, it would be to my opponent's advantage to have some background in the field; though a lack thereof should not preclude potential challengers.I propose the following structure:--Round 1: Acceptance and initial arguments. No rebuttals.Round 2: Rebuttals and additional arguments, if desired.Round 3: Fina...

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job seekers and the unemployed


The job centre The job centres name suggests that it is a place where you go to get a job, however, my experience with it has been less than positive. Many of the people there are simply ticking boxes and following the system instead of thinking about what is best for the people looking for work. I have also had instances of appointments being made for me that I'm not told about so my claim can be closed to make the numbers look better, requirements to look at websites and papers that do no...

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Minimum Wage should keep pace with inflation


First round, acceptance....

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Capitalism is the best system to produce the best results


This debate will have a free style. The only requirment is that any and all questions directed towards a contendor be answered. I shall begin with opening remarks and a brief history. From the start of recorded human history, most people lived in what we would consider pretty terrible standards. However, something happened in the 1700s. We had an industrial revolution and living standards increased, and since then living conditions have increased dramaticlly. So, why was that? One common myth...

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China's economy is bound to collapse.


Reasons for my belief in a Chinese economic collapse1. I believe that China's economy is going to eventually collapse for multiple reasons, one of those being their overproduction. China's economy has grown tremendously in the past few years and this appears to make it seem it will continue its prosperous progress, but they are growing too fast to regulate. This issue is most apparent with China's real-estate market, which makes up 15% of China's gross domestic...

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