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education in motherland is much better

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Started: 10/30/2012 Category: Education
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CAN ANYBODY ANSWER PLEASE. I need this debate as my homework

In my opinion, education in motherland is much better.

First of all, you feel calm and safe whereas in unknown country you are under the endless stress. And here lies the culture shock. You face different problems - another country, people, rules, traditions, food, manners, customs, laws, values and etc. This problems crush on you in one single moment and you can't think about education anymore. Stress leads to anxiety, panic disorders, depression, paranoia and other phobias. Any mental problems may become even harder with time.

Secondly, money, money and money. Nothing is free. Studying abroad can be really expensive. And I am not talking about the cost of education itself, I am talking about additional expenses like food, residence, flights home and back... Moreover, most countries do not allow foreign students to have a part time job so you need to have some money before you arrive.

This is two main things I wanted to raise. Of course, there are others such as a necessity of learning a second language, risk of losing touch with your family and friends, danger to meet suspicious people, differences between universities and so with credits, reversal culture shock and many others.

What is your opinion?


I believe that education in motherland is not much better for a person for the following reasons:

1. Sheltering
Sheltering is a term which means you are overprotected from things which have no intent of harming you. The objects which a person, oftentimes a child, is being shielded from an object which have a perceived ill effect on a person. Mostly, though, it might have a chance of causing good effects on a person's well-being.
[Sheltering is bad]
>First of all, when a person is sheltered, they will come out as ignorant to a person who is educated about vastly-known topics. For example, a person who has grown up in a a house under the ground, in a single room each day, without being told by people about the good effects of the above world, might see the above world as an enemy or an anti-bulwark. Once that person is asked about, as we have termed it already, the 'above world', they will be ridiculed or, in other terms, laughed at, and this will cause greater mental problems than if they were knowledgeable about the topic they were ridiculed about.
>Second of all, there is also the matter of religious fanatics. Those who believe the other religions are discriminating against them. When they have a child, they will, absolutely, positively, teach them their ways. The child will grow up discriminating against other people, which is a very bad effect in that it causes bullying which leads to suicide. For example, the forty-third president of the United States, also known as George W. Bush, claimed atheists were untrustworthy.If all the United States citizens believed him, there would be a war against atheists right now. Fortunately, people know better. This also applies to being told untrue stories about other countries.

2. Better education
In many countries, there is a great chance that there will always be a better school. There is always a better opportunity. I myself, living in a developing country, have heard all about the other schools outside the country. If I had a chance, I would be in one of those schools right away. But moving on, schools like Oxford and Harvard offer better benefits at their schools, like access to the best professors, a motivational atmosphere, and an opportunity to access any field. I am not only talking about the aforementioned schools, but also other schools, in other countries. To summarize, higher standards, better education.

Now, I understood you have said that:
In motherland, you feel safe:
I understand that being in the comfort of one's birthland makes one feel comfortable. However, staying in a person's home for extended periods of time is not advisable. As for the culture shock, there is no chance that one will start education in another country without knowing a small amount of it.
Frankly, a person will adjust. Humans are commendable for their ability to adjust.
To add a note, my solution to this has already been implemented: There are school guide counselors.

Secondly, money. How is getting money in another country different as being in your own country? Sure, there will be different traditions and occupations and other things, but my solution to this is for students to be responsible and get scholarships if they are able. Student visas are granted easily, and adults are irrelevant to the topic. Student work-permit programs for some popular European destinations allow work in combination with study. You have to enter the country with a special work permit provided by the work exchange program, which can only be obtained by applying in advance. Finally, a few countries (e.g., Australia, Britain, and some locales in Germany) permit part-time work for students who are directly enrolled in local universities.
Debate Round No. 1


I agree with you in some way. There are great opportunities outside your country where you can fully express yourself and show your talents. As for me in my country people do not notice each other so it is very difficult here for talented people.

I agree with you that sheltering is bad. Yes, child can grow really closed up person and will not know anything about the world. But I do not believe that parents will protect their child and hide him in a single room. Each parent should understand that one day his child will go and have his own life. Maybe I cannot accept this point 100% because I never met such persons and parents but I agree that this problem takes place.

I am not sure about religion point of view because our country is really multinational. We have almost 120 nationalities and child respect others from the very beginning. I agree that parents will teach their child everything they know and try to teach their opinion. But child while growing (if he has own thoughts) can understand that his parents were wrong still he lives in a society not alone and all people are the same. There are no "the best" and "the worst".

Better education" I see what you are saying but don"t you think that if student want to study he will study anywhere, at any time and etc. It all depends on person and how he accepts and sees the world, in which light.
If we talk about safety, the problem not lies only in stress. In his country student is well aware about all the dangerous that can be waiting for him. For example, I myself know about bad centers in my city where I should not go. Foreigners are still foreigners. They attract much attention. There are too many cases when foreign students were killed. For instance, on the 11th of April this year two Chinese students were killed in United States.

Interesting thing came out about culture shock. No matter how many books you have read about country where you are going to study some things can still surprise you. For example let"s take my English teacher. All her life from school and till university she dreamed about England. She read different books about it, watched films, meet British people. She thought she knew everything about England since she studied it from early ages but when she arrived she was totally shocked. Thing which were described in books were extremely different in reality. Reality differs from everything you learned.

I agree with you that human can adjust anywhere still all human being are changeable. But it takes time, a lot of time to overcome adjustment period.

What I can say about money" While surfing Internet I found one article which said: some countries do not allow foreign students to have part time job. Don"t know is it true or not, but nevertheless money is a very essential question. And it is very hard to take scholarship. Not so many students are lucky to get it.


Pro agrees with me on every point, +7 pts.
Debate Round No. 2


aidana1996 forfeited this round.


Metalbutter forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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