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education must have some optional choices

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Started: 9/30/2013 Category: Education
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maybe the countries which run an education system like to the system I am going to write. I do not know.

in the country I live, all lessons were compulsory till to the graduation. now I study in uniwersity, I like oral lessons and they are not boring to me, but studying of maths, chemistry, physics and e.t.c was compulsory for us.

now, I have never needed them, just basics of math is enough in my life,if i spent the effort i spen for math and others, to the lessons I need I could have been better now.

in university, I dont need chemistry, physics or math and e.t.c while I was child I realised that i do not need them in my future but it was still compulsory and it is still compulsory for children.

for the person who wants to be mathematician, he does not need english lessons, he can be withoput english too and for the person who wants to be english teacher, for that person math is not an indispensable thing in his life. basics of math is enough.

by studying the lessons which we dont need, we just waste the energy and time and efort.

I think this is enough for now, good luck to my opponent.


For a basic job, you need to know the basic maths, sciences and even some history, and you"re right, we don"t need math if we are going to do a job that doesn"t require it. After that point, things go a bit downhill for your argument. In school we are not only taught math in math class, but logic too. This is the logic that you use everyday for simple problem solving. Even if you are not going to need algebra for your job, you are at one point going to need the problem solving skill that came included with the class. In science class we are taught about the basic structures of life, something that you live with, and interact with. Science is what guides our life, and it is useful to have an understanding of it. In schools such as the one I attend, we are given a block schedule in which we are allowed to choose what classes to take to help us with college. Even if you are not going to major in the area of math, you need to know the advanced basics (algebra,geometry) to know what to expect in case you're stuck in that situation.
Debate Round No. 1


good luck my opponent.

in the modern science and technology we can go on without even basics of math or others.
but I do not deny that being read the basics of math, physics and e.t.c

without being taught a child will not what to choose, for example: when I knew nothing on chemistry and english, before going to school if I were asked to choose one type of education, I could not have known how is CHEMISTRY will I be interested in this or not. hence, basics need.

but we do not need to be taught the entire school program of the lesson which we need. for example: in the country I live english is even not the third language in our country, my friend was a good mathemathician and still is, he had to study english for five years, when we were child he decided to be math teacher and professor, in order to be maths professor he needs to graduate from the university, in order to enter university he needs to graduate from secondary school, in order to graduate from secondary school he needs to pass all grade maths lesson, not only it, at the same time he needs to learn and study and pass the exams of english, russian, literature which he never needs, because he did not go abroad, he decided not to go abroad, if he spent the time he spent for russian and english for maths he could have been better mathematician, he never needed english. he is math teacher now and he says I never needed english.

and I work abroad, I have been transferred abroad, and freom childhood I decided to work in social sciences like law, philosophy and e.t.c and now I do not study, if I had a chance to study french and german instead of geometry, chemistry, physics I would ha ve chosen them and I could have been in better positions.

at my work there are some workers from another countries who had chance not to study chemistry, physics and e.t.c and instead of them they have spent their time for french and german, and touristic requirements, now they do better job and position than me, if I had a chance to spend the time I spent for chemistry, physics, now I could have learnt french and german. I could have had better position and money, I could have been paid more, I could have had better life. I could have more time during childhood and e.t.c I have always been thinking of it, even when I was a child. I used to think "why do I have to study chemistry? physics? or trigonometry? or geometry? just basics of math which I have learnt at the age of 5 is enough to me" and I was always right, I found a university which does not require maths, physics and e.t.c I entereed it and then I left it again.

here are the disadvantages compulsory education may result, education must have at least some optional choices.

I just need basics of maths, I neved needed trigonometry, chemistry, physics and e.t.c


OmegaDan forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


have you forfeited?

in the comments some said you may need in the future, the one who thinks he may need in the future then ley you attend, it is optional, if you want attend, if you think attend.

no point in wasting time.


OmegaDan forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
This round has not been posted yet.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Sagey 3 years ago
I use Chemistry a lot when I cook my meals.
Sort out what to dress a wound with.
Try to remove a stubborn mark from my work uniform.
Look for some spray to rid my vegetable garden of certain pests.

Many people use some of their chemistry knowledge regularly, unwittingly.
Because many things we do involve chemicals and it helps to have some knowledge of which chemicals work or don't, or which ones are harmful to your health.
Posted by Artur 3 years ago
I said "optional" the one who thinks I may need it in the future, then shall him attend to neitherr chemistry and language lessons.

for me, I was and is sure and know exactly that I will neer use chemistry.

if I need it for my future career. I will find another job which does not require chemistry. cause I always hated it, for me my happiness is more important than career.
Posted by Sagey 3 years ago
True ironmaiden, you are conducting Theory Of Knowledge courses every time you conduct serious research into those major subjects you should undertake.
I did a sort of Theory Of Knowledge course when I undertook Information Science or the Science Of Information, which is exactly the same deal.
Though learning what not to use for research and where not to look is important too.

Like, never refer to Creationist websites for Scientific knowledge, nor Biblical Archaeology sites for geological or Archaeological facts.
Though these are obvious to most rational people, I still find idiots quoting from these as if they are absolutely Factual, LOL, there are a lot of Irrational clowns around, we need them for a laugh.
Though, these scientific fields would never employ them.
Posted by ironmaiden 3 years ago
I'm a high school student taking Inter Baccalaureate classes, which is basically a college level program. I agree that you should be well-rounded and have a good background in many different subjects. That's why I think the first year of high school should be spent on every major subject there is to learn. I just disagree with the fact that I will be forced to take useless classes such as Theory of Knowledge, a class where we sit there and think about thinking. It is a complete waste of my time. I will never be a philosopher.

I will never have a career involved with calculus. I have no interest whatsoever in that subject. It will never help me in life. And if I ever need to use a bit of calculus, I will look at how exactly to use that bit.

I will never have a career in chemistry, as I am simply not meant to be a chemist. It is not my strength.

I will however attempt to either become a musician, author, or business owner. And if I am so down on my luck that none of these work for me, I plan on having a decent history background to fall back on.
Posted by Sagey 3 years ago
Frankly, I don't believe any of the subjects Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology nor English/Language are ever a waste of time. When your life and career don't pan out like you hoped, or an accident occurs that deprives you of your chosen career, you may very likely find you have enough knowledge in another field that can still give you a rewarding start at an alternative path.
I know of many people who chose a sporting career and considered science and mathematics as useless.
Yet, one burnt out his knees in football and now has a job in horticulture which his learning biology and chemistry helped immensely and another is an accountant when she failed to make it into team selection for the hockey squad, who is now thankful for the mathematics and accountancy subjects she once hated.

You never know what path you may end up taking, so it helps to have a rudimentary knowledge of everything you can get a hold of while you are a student. Every little bit of knowledge may help someday.
If they let you drop subjects, you may one day wish you hadn't when desperate for a job, employers keep asking if you have knowledge in that field.
Also, if you drop English/Language, when concentrating on Mathematics or Physics, when it comes time to write your Thesis, you may wish you had better knowledge of English.
It will also help you to understand much of the information you must research.

Though, keep away from truly useless subjects that severely reduce your ability to think properly like Theology. Now that is one extremely useless subject except for one single profession.
Theology is only useful if you want to work as a church minister, completely useless for every other career.
So, if you want to be able to think rationally and gain a worthwhile career in the real world, theology and it's equivalents, Scientology, Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, are the types of subjects to completely avoid like the plague.
Posted by ironmaiden 3 years ago
Looks like nobody disagrees. I agree with this thought. I wasted an entire year last year learning chemistry, a subject that I will never use in my life, when I could have been learning more about history. I could be a great historian, except that much of my time has been wasted with uninteresting subjects. By forcing random subjects down people's throats, you are wasting their time.
My idea is that your first year of high school should be spent learning the basics of every subject. You would find out what subjects interest you the most, and the next three would be about learning those subjects.
I understand that everyone should be taught math and English, but that doesn't mean you should be forced to learn calculus or analyze the themes of a novel. It's boring and useless, if you don't have an interest in it.
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