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this house believes Africans should study at home


allowing African children to study at home or even making them study at home is totally wrong because children should be allowed to socialize with others their age and making them to stay at home gives them no time to do so. even though they might be given time to go play with others they only meet the one type of people and will always understand, tolerate and get the same group of limiting their interpersonal relationship skills...

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hoodie in school


schools say hoodies are not allowed...

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School is better then holidays


School IS better then holidays. Holidays are boring, what can you do ? Parents have no time. Even if they do what can you do with them? Where school is way better because you get to see your friends. Don't you forget something sometime well it can happen with schoolwork in the holidays. So school is better then holidays!...

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Lowered 2yr. tuition helps in successful completion and maintains the 4yr. college debt.


Having the college tuition rate lowered will have a successful completion rate of graduating a two year college because it is so affordable while also having lowered the debt collection at the beginning of a four year college. The cost of attending college has skyrocketed and is moving faster than the economy today. There are more students who attend college even if they cannot afford to attend which means taking out students loans and making the decision of not having a home loan when it is tim...

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This house believes that parents should secretly install spyware on all electronic devices


I think we should not put spyware because if children figure out, they will feel devastated that their parents don't trust them...

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Is society's standards of beauty for woman ridiculous?


Yes. Think about it. To be considered as beautiful today you need to have perfect and smooth skin, perfect, silky hair, a tiny waist, skinny, have huge breasts and a huge butt. If you don't reach society's standards of beauty, you'll be constantly called ugly and hideous. That's not it. If you wear "too much" makeup, men will start complaining about how you're unnatural....

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The House should ban homework


The option that the House should ban homework I am on the Pro side saying that yes, they should...

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Should written tests be done over practical tests?


I am a student myself and feel that we should be tested on the work we do in class and also the amount we contribute to lessons. I can guarantee that children work and perform better this way. I, myself, contribute quite a lot in class and generally do well in work and course work. This should be what we get graded on. Written tests only show a small proportion of the work we do well. If the examiners came in for a week to see our classes then we would probably be able to achieve much more....

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Affirmative Action


(this is a satire piece) To be concise, Affirmative Action is a policy used by major universities favoring African-Americans mostly over their Asian peers and other ethnicities during the college application process- and apparently there"s a huge controversy over the system. A pointless controversy, to be exact, because what else could possibly more fair than Affirmative Action? To favor one ethnicity or race over another is the most upright and unbiased policy that has ever been used in the...

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Single Sex schools are better than Co-Ed


Hello my name is Layla, today I will be on the pro side of this debate of single sex schools are better than co-ed schools. So I for what the moot point states. To clarify what this means: A single sex school is a school with only boys or only girls. A co-ed school is a school with boys and girls. Today I will talk about 5 points. My first point is that having a single sex school will create equality in P.E as there will only be one gender competing against each other. This could mean t...

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