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el chapo in the right state of mind about trump?

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Started: 7/19/2015 Category: Politics
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Donald Trump said some pretty racist and totally ignorant things about the immigrants coming to America from down south. El Chapo escaped from prison and is not too thrilled about what he said, and I personally think that he has a right to be mad at Trump for what he said, and if he wants to threaten Trump for offending all of the hard working immigrants that came to the U.S. for a better life, he can go ahead and ill sit back and wait for Trump to make him snap and then we're all gonna laugh, he has it coming


This is a very ignorant thing to state.

You need to respect a man's freedom of speech and ability to speak his mind freely. No one should be threatened because of what they say.

Second of all, El Chapo is a mindless criminal who has been responsible for countless offenses. He has no right to speak about the "hard-working" immigrants.

And lastly, whether you agree or not, Trump stated the truth. Of course you will jump on the bandwagon that Trump insulted Mexicans, which he did not. He insulted illegal immigrants, which we do not need. I do not care if you work hard or want a better life, you should come here legally, period.

You state he said "some pretty racist and totally ignorant things", when you turn around and say the same. All illegals are criminals, because they break U.S. law by coming here illegally, and Latinos are too stuck up to admit it.

Also, Mexican (you say he only offended Mexicans) is not a race. Mexican is a nationality, as Mexico is a country.

Please, if you will, excuse yourself from a civil and cordial site such as this one, and do not spout nonsensical dogma any longer.
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct goes to Pro for the ad hominem-ish bit that Con ended with, although it should be mentioned that this was a close one, because a large part of Pro's "argument" was saying what he would do if El Chapo "snapped." Spelling and grammar goes to Con, because Pro had a run-on sentence as well as one or two other errors. Con gets the arguments point because he actually made arguments, rather than just state what thought happened and what he would do if something else happened, like Pro did.