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evolution is true. prove me wrong

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Started: 7/19/2015 Category: Religion
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everyone came from a single cell organism and then that organism slowly "Evolved" and things split apart. We came from common ancestors, ape like beings. Not actually apes today but we both share a "common Ancestor". We have the "Skulls" of the common ancestors (Homo erectus, etc... and what proof do you have of any god/gods.... none, only books made 4000 years ago when people did not know what space even was. Or can u prove me wrong.


The claim everyone came from a single cell organism, doesn't define where we came from, that is a vague claim that isn't even defined to be a concept to be reproduced or replicable.

If we evolved "slowly", then were did we come from? What source of power did this from?

THE BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING is what I need to know from you, where this *first original beginning came from*

If I can create a question from where you initially said we came from and it sticks it proves your claim to be that of what is called a turtle built upon a turtle argument that has no beginning that can be found.

If you say, "IT JUST HAPPENED BECAUSE" that doesn't provide a scientific understanding of evidence and refutes your own claim, to be scientifically inclined from a hypothesis scientific nature.

If you say *Some-alien created us* then, you have just admitted perhaps not a *god* but a supernatural more powerful being than us that would need to be explained where that came from as well.

As well my second argument is this:

You say there is no GOD, Well, if you can't explain how we were created/formed/started that in itself proves there is a GOD, otherwise we would not have been able to be formed and created.

I am a Christian by choice and faith.

This is what is currently posted on my facebook page if you were to try and find me:

Something I believe GOD has directed me to acknowledge and try to get people to consider is this:


Without ABSOLUTE HOPE is only DESPAIR and with NO ABSOLUTE HOPE there cannot be peace as nothing is certain because upon ABSOLUTE HOPE builds TRUST and FAITH in the unseen but TRUSTING with FAITH it to be TRUE.

Without hope, builds distrust, this turns into a lack of faith of the unseen that turns into a lack of belief of the ABSOUTE TRUTH.

I know this may be a bit of words twisting, but consider it for a second in what I am trying to to say.


Someone cannot have peace if their hope isn't absolute in the faith.

Someone's faith cannot be absolute if they have not understood Absolute Truth.

Someone's Truth cannot be Absolute if they haven't experienced the power of the Holy Spirit inside of their lives from a direct understanding of the movement in the HOLY SPIRIT.

Someone cannot experience the HOLY SPIRIT without first seeking out GOD to truly provide understanding of the unseen and unknown of GOD's desires for your life.

To understand the unseen and unknown of GOD's desires for your life is to best seek after what the Scriptures speak of in why JESUS CHRIST died on the Cross to bear the burdens of your pains, sickness, diseases, ailments, sins, and anything unholy.

This is the best and most direct manner of which I know how to speak of such clarifications.

It is a build-up of clarifications and specifics from how I can explain it.

Is it possible for the Holy Spirit to by-pass the manner of which I speak of? Yes!

But, how does this happen you ask?

Simple: You have a pain, burden, hurt, problem, disease, tumor, or etc... seek or accept someone offering for pray for you in the name of JESUS CHRIST that is known to be a sincere follower to the best of their abilities (not a casual sunday, wednesday, whenever attending church different than normal days not in church individual) to remove the problem causing this in your life and keep seeking an answer for it to be removed until it finally happens and seek to understand how to walk to keep the problem from coming back.

These individuals are powerful, not because of who they are individually, but because of their faith and available testimonies in what they have seen JESUS CHRIST perform before their eyes out of their own commitment and faith to follow the path of obedience to JESUS CHRIST as their LORD AND SAVIOR.

But you still need to be careful, because if someone prays for you, and they say that because nothing happened it's GOD's will for you to still have this condition, problem, or whatever it may be and it contradicts the message of CHRIST's healing desires and abilities ask the HOLY SPIRIT directly what HIS ANSWER IS. If you are patient, diligent and persistent enough you will know directly the answer and why if only told, "NO" with asking why.

There are times that GOD's will is for someone to maintain their condition and situation, but that doesn't mean to just immediately stop asking if you do not get an answer right away or told "NO" without knowing why first. Sometimes the answer is, "NO," because the person asking for deliverance/healing isn't willing to give up, forgive or change something that GOD told them long time ago not to do. But each situation is special and unique according to GOD's will for each and every individual for situations.

GOD is not late, it is GOD's ability for HIS TIME to occur as HE WISHES, HE CONTROLS ALL THINGS.

In short, there is only suicidal thoughts at the end of the day for someone who doesn't have ABSOLUTE HOPE from ABSOLUTE TRUTH IN JESUS CHRIST.

The word play is evident everywhere and I would argue it is consistent with proving there is a GOD.


I listen to a healing, faith and ministry outreach organization called they are the real deal in terms of healing and delivering someone from either diabetes (where doctors and hospitals have recently called and asked how this happened after a confirmed case of it) or just spirits and demons being cast out being very noisy, rude and disrespectful in terms of being cast out of that person, speaking in different languages, yelling screaming sounding like a man in a woman's body.

Or a an individual not Chinese speaking in a Chinese dialect, African dialect, and likewise just to be cast out of the person who doesn't speak that language.

You can't explain these *occurrences* without some sort of supernatural being concept if you were there in person face to face.

And to claim these are just *fake* is a testimony of the spiritual blindness people are today filled with despair.

If you feel despair, lost, uncertainty, and questions in your life yet you choose to not believe in GOD. Maybe you really ignoring who JESUS CHRIST is and what HE wants for you in YOUR LIFE if you just allowed him.

What is your response?
Debate Round No. 1


Ok, well science does not have an answer for that right now, But we are working on it. There are many "Hypothesis" on where we started. "Stardust" is one of them. "Your God Hypothesis" but the thing is your "God Hypothesis" only has the bible to back it up. Stardust is actually the more-likely answer. Because stardust contains material-like things that has a chemical in them to actual make life. "And i know your going to ask, how did the stardust appear. Well since when they universe was created. "The Earth" was not like it was now. A lot of changes when underdone. It was a molten rock, asteroids cracking into it. And literally almost every part of the earth came from a "Heart Of A Star" not a "God being" here is a link you can look at


Well, Faith is "Belief without Evidence" so if i said "I have faith that when i jump off this bridge my flying pony" will pick me up. Well that's not gonna happen. Also your *Experience what if happens if it was not Jesus Christ or Jehovah but another god. Many have stated the claim you just said Something happened in my life well many have said that about there god. And i don't know why you would even want to follow a god that Murders children, has mothers raped, has children killed before the families eyes, has children as sex slaves and also a god that sends people to eternal torment forever just because he did not wear clothes properly. If he did exist, why would the creator of the universe care about who wore what. I mean there are so dumb things in the bible. If i ever turned religious, i would not want to follow this god. This is your god in a nutshell. That's the god of the old testament but there are messed up things in the new one too.

"The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty , unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.""

"A woman shall not wear man's clothing, nor shall a man put on a woman's clothing; for whoever does these things is an abomination to the LORD your God"

and in case that you did NOT look at the passages here they are.

And the healing nonsense , is just to comfort someone. it does not work and it has been proven to work some times BECAUSE the person is in a calm state and they believe that some Higher Power is above them. You know if you think that a pain is gonna happen in your arm for a while, it will eventually happen. That's literally the same concept of your "Healing nonsense " and again, other people say the same thing about there own god, so really nothing makes your god special because literally it was formed off of *polytheistic religions, and actually Hinduism is the oldest religion so there beliefs are way older then yours, your religion was not even formed yet. Ya see religion was formed, because humans felt alone and they wanted comfort in the time of need, that's the reason humans created gods, but now we know no "God" controls the lighting. So the Greek gods are now mythology and you just wait eventually all gods will be put into mythology, including yours. Your so called "Jehovah, or "YEWEH" is just like any other god, it's no special thing. So in conclusion, there is not a straight fact on how we came here, but doing the God of the gaps is not a answer, just because science has not found anything does not mean you can put magic in it. I see no evidence for your Jehovah, YEWHEH, Allah, Vishnu, Brahma and any other god. All you people have is books written before man knew about atoms. Look at what religion has done, then look at what science has done.


So you fully admit that science does not have an answer for that right now but we are working on it.

That means you cannot prove your own scientific existence, meaning you cannot directly defend your own belief with concrete evidence. Of proving evolution is true and that there is no GOD.

Man will constantly seek to come up with an answer, never able to solve the original question to my rebuttal to your statement prove GOD doesn't exist by answering the trillion plus dollar question, "proof GOD doesn't exist by proving how we came from nothing that can be understood and accepted without any question."

Man not able to come up with a concrete evidence of no need of GOD in itself proves GOD created us scientifically. For how can you disprove a negative if I understood what one once said to me in such likewise discussions.

This is what I personally would call a psuedo-scientist, or a psuedo-god-faith.

How can scientists explain something that always was? They can't its impossible. To do such things requires that of faith, the belief that we came from something out of nothing. It is a faith based search, the refusal to believe the obvious power of an answer to find an alternative to who they actually need to desire to listen and obey and learn from.

If scientists would learn how to teach their followers and students how to heal by believing in JESUS CHRIST, cursing the illness back to where it came from, casting the spirit or demon back to where GOD directed them to cast it/them, use prayer to deliver individuals from sicknesses and illnesses like diabetes.

If scientists would teach doctors how to seek after JESUS CHRIST's grace, mercy, and love and infinite wisom to repair only what doctors would describe and surgical only situations there would be less doctor medical bills, less drug expenses (or none at all), and more people recovering from heart attacks, strokes and other like health problems.

If scientists would teach their pupils and students in schools to repent from their sins, to seek after JESUS CHRIST as their LORD AND SAVIOR, if scientists would explain the mysteries of all healings due to the grace, mercy, and kindness through GOD's BENELOVENT LOVE..

If only scientists, would open their close their eyes and open their hearts and soul maybe spirits and demons would fear treading upon this earth, and curses would be a laughing stock for those who call upon the name of JESUS CHRIST.

I cannot force you to believe in a GOD that I believe in. I cannot force you to accept a GOD in which you openly choose to hate, ignore, dispute, and fight with from punishments and situations which are beyond your apparent comprehension.

I suppose you have never been a farmer, planting a crop seeing a disease spread in one side of the crop so you needed to chop off some of the good crop to save the rest.

I suppose you have never been a farmer, planting a crop and seeing how a weed spread throughout your crop area and in order to save the crop you had to allow the weed and your crop grow together while being weakened due to harvest time where you would burn the weeds and harvest the crop that survived through the growing up phase.

I suppose you have never been a father who had to discipline your father to teach your children a had lesson that you didn't want to teach, but because of the requirement to show how to properly follow instructions you had to make a hard choice for your children to repent and be remorseful.

These are the examples in which you said you refuse to believe in a god that (fill in the blank)...

But I suppose you would look at my arguements and consider it in itself an oxy-moron statement, for most of the world today let alone the majority of those claiming to be Christians publicly known by others do not teach on such healing capabilities with acceptance without fakery, do not teach on such deliverances and identifications of spirits or demons today, do not teach on such curses and deliverances today.

I claim to be that of a true SEEKER OF JESUS CHRIST believing that if JESUS CHRIST directed me by the HOLY SPIRIT to seek someone out and pronounce the love of JESUS CHRIST on them that I would do it, and it would heal any and all problems that may be afflicting them in GOD's timing and to be able to teach them to learn and follow JESUS CHRIST as their LORD and SAVIOR.

But I have no such personal abilities on my own, and if I even attempt to claim that I myself can do this; then I am at fault and sinning against my GOD due to personal pride and personal boasting.

What is your response?
Debate Round No. 2


icetiger200 forfeited this round.


Please answer how you can believe there is no GOD when you can't prove how scientists are unable to explain our complete existence from the initial process.
Debate Round No. 3


icetiger200 forfeited this round.


Why can't you answer?
Debate Round No. 4


icetiger200 forfeited this round.


I really hope you are able to provide an answer.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by waterscalming 2 years ago

I believe the following information:

GOD is not late, GOD is always on time.

But the people praying for such deliverance, healings, or whatever it may be... Where is there connection with GOD.

Many people can pray and believe in miracles, but unless they are in communication with GOD to know what GOD says, anyone can be sick and be prayed for but get no answer *healing* from GOD.

The only way to be in communication before GOD is to be completely repentant with GOD, not boast, not brag, not be *holier than thou* type of personality when dealing with healing and answers from GOD.

GOD cannot be with SIN, so one must first repent and communicate any and all sin inteferring between themselves and GOD.

Even then, GOD's timing is perfect; so if there is not an answer to a request for a miracle and someone dies still what did GOD do through that process that he could do otherwise?

It is a very intrinsic complicated matter.

Think of JESUS CHRIST's Prayer,

Hallowed it be thy name,
on earth as it is in heaven,
thy kingdom come,
thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven,
give us this day our daily bread,
and the prayer goes on.

If it is not God's will, can you hear what GOD's will is instead and understand why from GOD?

GOD will answer you if you allow HIM if you PURSUE HIM and SEEK HIM.
Posted by jhu82 2 years ago
More "miracle fails"

'Faith cures diabetes'

And so on and so forth. It seems that you hold a decent amount of your faith based on miracles, so lemme ask you this: would you ever uphold the life of someone else's life on God's hands alone? As in, if someone dear to you from your family has an injury would you bypass risky medical treatment and pray like the people listed in the articles above? You seem to be quite certain that faith can cure others and that your faith is very strong so would you bet on their lives on your faith? Keeping in mind that the people above had the same mentality as you. That faith alone can overcome the most daunting of obstacles. And we all know what their end result is.
Posted by jhu82 2 years ago

You say that faith in Jesus and God has cured diabetes and other diseases, so just curious what your thought on the above articles. Is killing children all part of God's plan? And children of faithful families, no less.

Also curious as to why you think Christianity is the right way to go based on your personal experiences. I'm sure there's millions of Muslims out there who can claim anecdotally that the faith in Allah has rewarded them greatly in their lives and that the Koran has provided great evidence that Muhammad has been the true prophet of Allah (God) himself. People that claim that their faith in Allah has accomplished medical miracles for them. So forget science for a second - if there's people out there who can make the same arguments as you but for a different religion, what makes you think that your religion is the right way to go?
Posted by waterscalming 2 years ago
Faith has it's own kind of LOGIC for those who know of the JESUS CHRIST I speak.

For what faith can deliver someone from being possessed of a spirit or demon inside of a COMA and the next morning being woken up from such situations where they would have the plug pulled on them if not recovered shortly afterwards?

Speak of a faith that heals of diabetes without drugs but through teaching and instructions of prayer, deliverance, and belief that GOD's grace is sufficient and have scientific doctors ask how this happened by calling up the location in which it took place?

Speak of a faith in which JESUS CHRIST is the deliverance of a physical injury that caused a bump in someone's shoulder, then through prayer the injury bump went away..

Is this a faith, a fluke, or just random occurance in the practice of someone's faith?
Posted by Alpha3141 2 years ago
Actually, faith is trusting in something that you do not observe.
For example, I have faith in logical reasoning, science, etc.
I do not observe the properties of reasoning and science. That would be ridiculous. They are concepts. But I still believe they are true.
Posted by waterscalming 2 years ago
When I come back from work I will give my reply
Posted by waterscalming 2 years ago
I will enjoy awaiting a response...

All my knowledge comes from experience, but with experience comes logic (or so I understand)

So if I am not clear in what I say please let me know so I can further clarify on here.

I have seen wiccan/occultic/satanic experiences when deployed to Iraq, I experienced a Satanic test-trial pact as I sought after greed with money, seeing a physical injury effect as a result as well.

I know of spiritual/demonic influences, I know taking on any type of debate in this manner can be demonically influenced and capable of placing unknown curses or drawing evil spirits/demons towards me as well.

All of which I respond back with, "In the name of JESUS CHRIST I claim HIS BLOOD ON ME FROM HEAD TO FOOT," and with such responses I am stating his covering, deliverance, and protection will be placed upon me for any protection I may need. And request that the person I am debating with their eyes may be opened up from the spiritual influence that is currently fooling them knowingly or unknowingly.
Posted by waterscalming 2 years ago
Someone being so open to a debate, I hope they do not backdown from the challenge of confirming what they believe or understand.
Posted by icetiger200 2 years ago
I'm busy now so I'll reply soon
Posted by icetiger200 2 years ago
Thanks for accepting the debate
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