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facebook is better then msn

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Started: 7/19/2011 Category: Education
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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With the development of facebook, over the past ten years we have watched millions of people switch over from what they thought was the best social networking program to another. Being compared to msn, facebook gives many more options for people to enhance there ability to be involved in information that is new from there group of friends


Firstly, you could say MSN and Facebook are completely different services. MSN was never really for social networking when it came out in the 90's, it was for instant messaging and to access the internet. That still holds true today. However, the MSN client does have some additions which make it feel like a social network. It's hard to say what MSN really is since the term now encompasses Microsoft's live messenger, Hotmail and Skydrive services. That brings me to another point, Pro compared facebook to 'MSN'. Since he has been vague in what services that includes I will give information all of them; The Windows Live Suite.

-First of, Facebook has a BIG advantage over MSN, and thats in users, thats only because Facebook is a different service from MSN/Live.

-Other than users, MSN triumphs technically speaking:
Facebook chat is a nightmare on any browser and app. Windows Live messenger is still pribably one of the best dedicated messaging services around because of its reliability and simplicity. Live Messenger also has another advantage, it can be used both online or as a stand alone program. The stand alone program is infintely more versatile then facebooks webs interface because of its deep integration into the OS of both Mac and PC's. The benefit of being able to run online AND client based is that developers are able to churn out better apps for any device.
Skydrive is a file sharing/storage service integrated into "MSN". It gives you 25 GIGABYTES of FREE storage for anything you want. This has tied into the social aspect of MSN well because of sharing things with friends other than photos. Facebook's online interface for uploading photos is extremely convoluted and slow. Plug in your camera into a PC or Mac with the Windows Live suite installed and you instantly upload the photos to the cloud (skydrive) to share with friends. This holds true to the Facebook apps on a smartphone, but there is no functionality like this on a computer.
"MSN" also includes Hotmail, still one of the most popular email clients, period. Facebook messaging is extrememly basic and seems like a complete afterthought. Here you have email that ties right into the scoial networking aspect of Live. Say you get an email from your friend asking you if you want to go for coffee. You can click the term 'coffee' within the email and search for places near you and instant message your friend right from the inbox. With facebook you would have to jump through many time consuming hoops to accomplish the same.
I will continue the rest of my argument with my rebuttal, thanks for reading.

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Posted by webos1337 7 years ago
I hope you're objective when you read the arguments though :o
Posted by angelie_pintor 7 years ago
facebook is hands down , better than msn ;)
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