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feverish rap tournament philosophical vs untitled_entity

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Started: 2/1/2010 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Whats up guys, sorry about the audio, its not that great. I didnt have a whole lot of time to prep out a great video, but I'm excited for Untitled's response and look forward to it. Good luck!


My rhymes are exotic,
This beat is hypnotic,
Your raps are robotic,
While mine are psychotic.

Last time you got off easy, but Im not gonna forfeit,
So you better hit me hard, or get ready to quit.
Your practice was sylux, but here's the real thing,
Cuz ima bout to preach to you like martin luther king.

Your last rhyme was good, I have to admit,
But none if its real. And all mines authentic.
Get ready to lose, because I aint playing around
Right now I'm getting ready to bury you in the ground.

you, know, what your last rap needed was a killa beat.
I hope you got one this time, cuz i'm packin' the heat!

I know I'm white but my rhymes are tight,
I bust out when I'm in a rap fight
so just bite... yo' bottom lip so tight
while I bust a rhyme on yo' @ss... for the night.

So wipe away the sweat from all your anxiety
And seize the day like the dead poets society
Cuz this is it, your playing with the big boy
Whose only aim is only to kill, seek, and destroy

I'm only going easy on you out of respect
But even now i'm breaking your neck
The way I'm comin' at you, ya might call me a scrub,
But my rhymes hit harder than bradd pitt from fight club

After this your gonna need an aesthetic
Because all your rhymes just seem genetic
And to be frank, thats a little pathetic
But just notice my rhymes are masterfully poetic
And more than highly energetic
So much that they seem like their magnetic.

I'm gonna keep this short and sweet.
I'm just sure im one you cannot beat.


You find me in the DMV (D.C./Maryland/Virginia area) running the streets
Never catch me slippin' 'cuz b!tch, I wear cleats
Feelin' fresh and clean and I got your girl in the sheets
She's a real freak when we play hide n' go seek
Yeah it was me who killed Prof. Plum in the conservatory
Meanwhile I'm tryna do an exploratory on your mediocre rap inventory
Let's start with the intro, you're reppin U-F-C
I'm like Cena, I'm RAW [ha], you can't see me
And since we're in the arena be prepared to be SMACKEDDOWN
Boy you can ask around, even out of my town, my rap skills are renowned

You say you're authentic - if authentic means fake
As real as Pam Anderson's rack son, give those titties a shake
Yeah, you're psychotic...if you think you're gonna win
It's quite obvious that you're rhyming dictionary, yea thin
I'll give this to you like a one-two punch
My flow so chronic - got your panties in a bunch

I know you're frenetic, you're rhymes are pathetic
And your beat fits like a too large prosthetic
We can get physical, make it kinetic
Cuz I'm a genetic poetic with an aesthetic athletic frame, boy
And this is my game cuz I'm energetic and unsympathetic, and got a chiampionship to claim
I've hit you like a anesthetic, work so quickly you're apathetic
But I'm magnetic, fully charged and electric, I'mma keep goin, don't sweat it

I don't need a beat, son, I wouldn't waste it on you
Bringing heat? Good, cuz I got shoveling to do
33 inches of snow at my door
Pile on the heat, bro, prove you're hardcore

You try to act fly, I'll father you sone
Take off the belt like your father do, son
Let's get it straight:
My rhymes are supersonic, so sick, they're chronic
Your wordplay needs some help - you're hooked off phonics
I find it ironic that you think you're demonic
I should be nice, keep it platonic
Even though those "rhymes" left me catatonic
No need to get sardonic lets leave it symphonic
I'll stop babying you, even if you're embryonic
I'll leave you with this, a little mnemonic
In case it gets shaky in your plate tectonics
Queer Umbrellas Idolize Trigonometry
On the win to lose spectrum, that's some easy spectrometry
Q-U-I-T boy that means you quit
Done, over, take an L cuz you forfeit

Step it up in your next round, I ain't impressed
I'll wait for your time to expire, you must be distressed
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for an awesome rap battle. Best of luck to you untitled_entity! :)

(I included the last part just for fun. Pay no mind to it)

Yeah you know this tune.
Ladies and gentlemen.
The moment you've all been waiting for.
It's time for the grand finale!
Philosophical Vs. Untitled Entity!

In this next rhyme, try not to stutter,
Your almost as soft as margarin butter,
And notice your rhymes are just a clutter,
Your like rain water floating in the gutter.

You say your like cena, theres no going back,
You just called yourself fake and totally whack.
I find it funny that you think RAW beats UFC,
But RAW is just fake. Anyone would agree.

And that matches your style, to be quite frank
Your response wasn't a rap. It was a prank!
My rhymes are filling, And all yours all blank,
So move you little prius, here comes the tank.

I dont have to prove im hardcore, it already been done.
Meanwhile you still haven't learned how to spell "son".
Not only can you not speak, but you have no flow.
You'll definitely have to give this one another go.

I'm kinda depressed i'd get such a rookie opponent,
I got a empty round, Its like a free win, you've blown it!
Did i hear right? Did you just say we can get physical kid?
Sorry, You just aint my type, and frankly thats not my bid.

You can tell this chick really is an untitled entity,
Because if she wasn't she'd have an identity,
And if she even did have one, I just took it away
Because kid, I'm the lion, and you are the prey.

Not only can you not rap, but your rhymes make no sense
Your rhymes are so small, While all mine are immense
I know her rap stunk, Its all good, mines the incense.
Careful kid, because this is about to get intense.
If I were you I would strenghten your defence.

You look at this battle like your obligated,
Your like a fish who's been blindly baited,
Your going down like the last chick I dated.
Your girlfriend told me you two were related.
Your old news. Something I've already debated.
Ima rhyming G, like i've already stated,
So bow down to the rap monster you've created.

You talk about all this trigonometry,
But I doubt you even know geometry.

I see you learned to spell the word quit.
So I suggest that you get up and do it.
Thats something even I wouldn't permit,
Knowing your stuff is fake, and all mines legit.

You say your rhymes don't need a beat.
But that's an excuse, A way to retreat.
Without a beat the rhyme's incomplete,
A rap needs a beat if it wants to compete.

I'm playing with you like you were a toy,
Taking you down brings me pure joy.
An easy wipeout like the fall of troy.
Like the wooden horse, your only a decoy.

Now that I've left you battered and bruised,
Used, Abused, and a little confused,
I'll be the teacher. You are now excused.
You were the bomb, that I easily diffused.

Remember, here's your last chance to give up.
Before Im all over you like 2 girls and 1 cup.

It seems that my rhymes never stop,
I'll keep coming like a pissed off cop,
Spinning you around like your some kind of top,
Clean you off the floor using a mop.

I just keep spittin' rhymes at ya from outta the blue,
While your coughing up rhymes like you have the flu.
But really, there's virtually nothing that you can do.
Your rhymes suck. What Im saying is true!

I'll give you one more chance to back down.
I'm the mafia and your just the town.
So just turn that smile into a frown.
And know that philosophicals always around.

You say you aint impressed?
Cover it up. Your distressed.
Your next round you shouldn't even submit.
You should give it up, make it easy, just forfeit.


Hey guys, I just got my power back...Philosophical said he would reinstate the challenge for me to post my final round in the event that I lost power. I'm gonna charge my camera and hopefully I'll get the challenge and post by tomorrow. Sorry guys, as for voting, please make you decision based on the first round until I'm able to post my second. Thank you guys, and sorry for the inconvenience.
Debate Round No. 2
15 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by feverish 8 years ago
Ok, untitled has had plenty of time to post a vid by now, no matter how bad the weather has been.

She probably could have won this one but with no round 2, I'm gonna have to give it to phil. In the abscence of Mangani I am making this official decision alone.

Congratulations, you are both through to the next stage which I'm trying to figure out how to structure now.
Posted by philosphical 8 years ago
Lwerd, RFD?
Posted by untitled_entity 8 years ago
The reason I used Phil's rhymes were as a diss, I also used them differently, and aside from all of that, I was unaware that rappers couldn't share rhyme schemes. But uhm, yeah. I will be posting my round in the comments section by tomorrow.
Posted by philosphical 8 years ago
thanks for the RFD. Btw, what didnt you like about the lyrics, so I can do better with them next time?
Posted by omelet 8 years ago
Disses [Conduct]: PRO. I'm giving this to PRO largely because of the forfeit on CON's side. I wasn't particularly impressed by either competitor's disses over the other's.

Presentation [Spelling/Grammar]: PRO. He used a beat, while CON didn't. I was also a bit irritated by the long introduction in CON's R1. And of course, there's the forfeit to think about.

Lyrics [Arguments]: PRO. Whether intentionally or not, CON ended up stealing one of her best lists of rhymes from PRO's R1: genetic/poetic/aesthetic/energetic/apathetic/magnetic
Were already used in PRO's R1, but CON used them in hers. That really bothered me.

I wasn't impressed with the lyrics from either side, though. Without the lyric stealing and the forfeit, it would have been a lot closer and I may have even gone CON.

Flow [Sources]: PRO. CON didn't use a beat or have a particularly rhythmic beatless flow - it was more like free verse.
Posted by philosphical 8 years ago
That's okay. I'll re-instate the challenge if i have to
Posted by untitled_entity 8 years ago
I hate to continue with snow excuses, but we're getting another 10-20 inches between tomorrow and wednesday so I don't know if I'll be able to post.
Posted by philosphical 8 years ago
nice response :)
I'll get on that asap.
Posted by untitled_entity 8 years ago
Hey, Philo -

I just got my power back after 28 hours without it; I'm waiting for my camera to charge, if I miss this round, can you reinstate the challenge so I can participate?
Posted by philosphical 8 years ago
thanks omelet :)

Congrats on making it to the finals!
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Vote Placed by Paris 8 years ago
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Vote Placed by Danielle 8 years ago
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Total points awarded:16 
Vote Placed by omelet 8 years ago
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Total points awarded:70