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food stamps should be used to buy junk food

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Started: 12/31/2013 Category: People
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Should food stamps be used to buy junk food? NO. Food stamps are used to help people on welfare. These food stamps are supposed to be used used to feed them, not to fatten them with unnecessary foods. Food stamps are only for survival, not to go out and buy Cheetos or soda, but to buy food to support a family with little money. The food stamps are being put to waste by over-use. And keep in mind, we won't be paying for food forever... I say we put an end to this and I'm ready for the challenger to present his case to me. Clearly, whoever sides with this topic is wrong. Although I may be a rookie take me very seriously, I'm not one to underestimate.

This is a civil debate so no name calling or inappropriate gestures. Sources should always be stated.

There is an acceptance, then the arguments and finally your resolution for your sides.


I'm going to tear this apart in two folds. First, will disassemble the judgmental mind frame behind this statement, because it stands on a faulty premise. The idea that someone on food stamps is somehow less worthy of a candy/junk than you. You cannot really believe in your heart that telling a mother of 3 she can't purchase ice cream and potato chips for her kids. Would you like the "poor kids" to be singled out and force them to wonder how great a Twix is? Preposterous, and you will see more clearly why in a minute. Secondly, food stamps should not only be used to buy junk, but anything that has nutritional value. "Junk" is food, it has nutritional value, it contains calories and it can sustain life and quench hunger. "Junk" only becomes a bad thing when kids are sedentary and eat in excess. Nutritional value is the breakdown of fats, proteins and carbohydrates that all eventually convert to calories through our digestive system. So anything with calories can fuel the body. I studied nutrition and animal science at the best school in Florida, so rest assured my knowledge of the subject is accurate. If you begin to add restrictions on a human beings source of food income, you will create huge, unnecessary debates on what should and should not be included, but there is also a human rights and dignity issue here. Let me start off with stating this: Anyone who views a person/family on food stamps is somehow beneath them because you're ore "privileged" to have a better job and income, they are the proud recipient modern Capitalist society. Life doesn't live here my friend, because you are reduced to material. No soul, it's gone. Economic struggle takes precedence over all other societal concerns. The ethos of struggle for economic survival overtakes every other individual human concern, even in an affluent society. "Things" are awarded rights and privilege and are the truly valued members of society. War as economic competition between every person is the first principle of community and is played out repeatedly in all other human relationships. Society is divided by vocation and then divided by class. To put more restrictions on a family, with young children by the way, and limiting what they can buy is like saying "Hey, your on food stamps, so you shouldn't get the privilege of choices, only people who pay cash, because we earned it!" Here's a startling fact that might pull blinds from your eyes, majority of food stamps are awarded to full time, hard working families. 46% of America makes less than 25,000 a year buddy, so tell them they can't have a family? Wages suck in this country and prices are high, lets get away from looking at the individual, it's not them. You immediately reduce them as less privileged and that's when social aspects kick in and cause major problems. Let me take on a journey through this beautiful country of ours...hopefully I can open your eyes, because you are looking through a tube, with very limited vision. Stop looking at the individual for a second and let's go for a ride through America's majority... look at the system my friend, the machine with it's grinding gears that tell us what to think, how to act, how to feel, how to hate, how to love in a sick and sadistic goes on and on.

Marinate your brain on these figures from the US, maybe you can start to see it's them. These are lives we are talking about here, human beings, families! Our society rewards them with failure because the system is flawed! No one wants change though, everybody is just walking around with their heads in the clouds.

The official 2012 rate shows that 46.5 million Americans, or 15% of the population, live in poverty. That rate is also unchanged over the past two years.

A record 1.1 million students attending public schools in the United States are homeless in 2013. According to the U.S. Department of Education, the number of homeless students has increased by 10 percent in 2013, from 1,065,794 in 2012, to 1,168,354. Forty-three states have reported increases from last year, with 10 states reporting increases of 20 percent or more. The number of homeless children has grown 24 percent over the past three years.

The actual numbers of homeless students are no doubt higher than those reported, because many parents are afraid to report their condition, fearing that child welfare agencies will take their children from them.

America's wealthy are the largest beneficiaries of tax deductions. According to the Congressional Budget Office, $33 billion of last year's $39 billion in total charitable deductions went to the richest 20 percent of Americans, of whom the richest 1 percent reaped the lion's share.

Last year, not one of the top 50 individual charitable gifts went to a social-service organization or to a charity that principally serves the poor and the dispossessed.

On an average night, more than 20,000 people sleep on Los Angeles' streets, and almost 2,000 of them are families or children living on their own, the city reported. Homelessness has increased 26% in Los Angeles since last year, and 16% of L.A.'s homeless were turned away for housing help.

Chicago reported an 11.4% increase in the number of homeless families since last year, with requests for emergency food assistance up 6%. City pantries had to reduce the amount of food they gave to the hungry. And homeless shelters were increasing the number of people allowed to sleep in a room to meet rising demand.

Nineteen percent of the cities' homeless adults had jobs, including 22% of those in San Francisco, according to the survey.

Very relevant Proverb:
Wealth attracts many friends,
but even the closest friend of the poor person deserts them.
The poor are shunned by all their relatives"
how much more do their friends avoid them!
Though the poor pursue them with pleading,
they are nowhere to be found.

The following is excerpt from a great poet/song writer:

See the way you look at life is intersected
In effect it"s how you gonna see wrong and right
Soul weary, nearly, I really got a poet"s eye
Clearly I could show you I really got an open eye
To the street and the struggle, the hustle the double
When your family needs something to eat
And mom and dad on the street
OCs, coke, pills, and heroin
And I don"t mean the female sense of the word
I mean the s*$% they gonna buy on the curb, their baby"s cries unheard
I refer to their baby at home, all alone in the warzone, parents stoned
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Spinelli 3 years ago
In the UK, food vouchers are for fruit, veg, milk and baby milk - nothing else. Personally I agree with this, as you can feed a family much more healthily (this should go without saying) and cheaply on fresh fruit and veg than on junk food.

At the end of the day the parent still has "x money and "y vouchers. If the vouchers are all used for healthy products, the parent can spend their money on as many Twix bars as they like. If they have the same amount of money and the same amount of vouchers, but the vouchers can be used for junk food, some people will choose to spend the majority of their vouchers on this, as well as their cash.

I fail to see the problem with parents being encouraged to feed their children healthily and not contribute to the obesity epidemic.

Lukewilson27, we already place many restrictions on how we help the poor. Think of all the shelters for the homeless that have strict no alcohol, no drugs policies. Should they be allowed the bed and their drink?
Posted by lukewilson27 3 years ago
Thanks debate339. Victor_syko, I'm curious about your choice of debate. I've noticed a huge population of people who seem to think their "American Dream" can't turn into a nightmare overnight, and they debate things as such. I do not understand. The day this country begins to help the poor, then add restrictions on the assistance they give, which is inherent in the maximum allowed anyways, INHUMAN! i It's like helping a brother who's business went under: lost his house, his wife left him, and his two boys love him regardless, and then the government says "Hey! We can help! Here is some money for food! Just be sure to leave the boys at home when you go shopping, they will no longer be able to purchase anything they used to like. Stay away from anything besides bottled water too! We just want to show you how much we appreciate all that hard work over the years by telling you what you can buy with the money we give you.The rich people in America don't want to see you smiling or carrying any sort of candy bar or soda unless you earn it!!! So funny how they fail to realize that everything has essentially been afforded to them by the hard labor and sacrifice of the majority who really struggle in a country where social status rules over compassion and a neighborly helping hand. No wonder the Federal Government has to do it. Wealth is accumulated by the loss of many, otherwise, it would be given back. The wealthy don't want you having basic living needs covered! Very sad. Stick to beans and rice. Tell the boys to get over it, this will build character by teaching them the art of "suck it up, work hard, and die", regardless of how messed up society is and how morally wrong the accumulation of wealth actually is without the component of charity and compassion. Greed. The path to the dark side. Watch the movie "There Will Be Blood", perfect illustration of relentless pursuit of wealth and "happiness". GREED! SICKNESS! Proverbs 19:17
Posted by debate339 3 years ago
con you should either use nothing but quotes in your next one or give up. Pro has you wrapped up in a knot.

not to mention 46% of america is gonna be on his side indefinitely along with the members of the 54% "privileged" people who have a heart. Just saying...
Posted by Victor_syko 3 years ago
If anyone has questions about this, it's my first time making a debate soooo yeah.
Posted by Victor_syko 3 years ago
Posted by Ragnar 3 years ago
Please double check your grammar. A couple missing words, make the resolution unclear.
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