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free will school

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Started: 9/9/2014 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The idea is that everything we learn is learned by our own will and im gonna debate for it.


I am not sure what you mean? Is it that students would learn whatever they want to? Or that our free will is what makes us learn?
Debate Round No. 1


I mean that students have their own right to learn what they want to learn and nothing is forced. First children go to day care, where they can do what they want in the limits of safety and the area of the day care facility. In my point of view day care should already be the place where kids can start learning, because there is no certain age for a human to start learning things that are thought in schools. So parents can decide when to put their child in to day care, which is a place where their children can do what they want and when a child in day care starts to ask questions about life, there will be no straight answers, but they are given the opportunity to go on classes about the subject that they are interested and learn throught that. This way we never kill the hunger of information, but we feed it properly and children will learn everything that they are thought, because they want to learn it. There is never no forcing to anything, but children will have the guidance by the day cares employees to subjects that the children are, or could be interested. Basically school is day care unless you want to learn something and when you want to learn, you have that possibility.

classes of course have to go in a schedule in which the teachers have planned and the system is very different than it is now. There can be big differentials in the ages of people in the same class, but everybody is there by their own will and they are all there because they want to be. There will be limits in classes that you have to know how to read in classes where you really need to know that, same as you need to understand some words before going to some classes or you have to know math or different language etc. If it is really necessary. This way the system teaches you everything that a school would nowdays teach, but it would all happen in a way that people would really learn everything that they are thought and without every problem that the system creates today.

Excuse me if there are some language issues english is not my native language.


I negate the resolution. Value- Justice, Criterion - Education.

I negate the resolution on the following points. First, most kids can not make the necessary choices to elect the courses they will need for the future. For example, a 5th grader might think math will not help him for life when it will. Also most kids don't know what they want to do when they are finsihed studying. I am in High school and I am not sure. Secondly, this system successfully is elaborated internationally so that kids learn what is necessary for society. For example kids in Korea have to study their multiplication tables while in the USA do to, maybe at different ages but they still have to learn it. Lastly, although sometimes you might ask yourself why a kid must study World Geography if they want to be a doctor. Yet this teaches kids how to study, work, and prepare which are all skills for life, regardless of profession.
Debate Round No. 2


The reason why kids cant make the decisions for them selves is, that they don't have the change for it. Everybody needs math because for example you cant use money or cook without it and because there is something where people need it they will want to learn it eventually. In a free will system there are no grades like we have now, there is only a personal history of education which is categorized from big categories to small ones just the way we learn things and there are trees of knowledge, where is shoven what you need to learn before you are for example a doctor.

People in school cant make any decisions for further education if they haven't got a plan from someone else or from their own minds and schools destroys our creativity, because we are being teached like robots to learn things, that we don't want to learn and we learn stuff that our brain is not ready to process and at the second you have to make your own decisions, you cannot make them cause you cannot remember how it is done and at that point, no one is teaching it for you cause no one knows how to do it. That is because of every single brain that has been teached ever, works very differently and we haven't got a clue just how many ways brains can work. The problem of mass producting different kind of people and brains together is, well think about putting 20 different animals in a same cage...

That is the biggest reason for miserable adults. Most of the adults still don't know, what they want to be when they "grow up" because school has killed their creative thinking and now, many of them are just trying to fulfil their needs with a job, where they get enough money to satisfy their needs and addictions. Only a handful of people in the world are doing what they really want and the great they really want.


Yoyetofriend forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Not anymore!

First, you deny part of free will school, by saying that kids can't choose their own school subjects, which is my first contention. Secondly, without grades how do you know if the kid understood the subject and to what extent? Thirdly, how does school reduce our creativity if not augment it. Could you not say that learning these subjects makes kids think and augment their imagination? And how are they going to implying the real world without knowing basic core information? Lastly, school has been one of the greatest invents of human kind, A place where people can be systematically and orderly educated for the future. It has worked since it's invention, why should we go to a undefined disorganized and chaotic system when we already established the ideal system?
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by k0tti 3 years ago
I forgot to mention that im from Finland and we have one of the best education systems in the world, but our population suffers from mental diseases and all the people in here are pretty much crazy they are just struggling to cover it and no one really can live in the present. Its only a matter of time when there is another disaster of someone losing their mind completely.
Posted by k0tti 3 years ago
Answer to your last argument.
I'm not saying anywhere that kids cant choose their own subjects, you misunderstood something cause the point is that they can and they will if they have the chance. I never said there wouldn't be grades they are just very different from what they are now and if you really want to learn something, then you are going to do everything you can to learn it so its not for others to judge you, from what you have learned.

Yes of course there are subjects in school that augment our creativity, but only the subjects that wake our interests and that could be done with just a little guidance, because usually our interests lie only in some details of some subjects and the creativity dies when the detail is dealt with, cause no one really has the time to teach you more about it. Pretty much all subjects in school are only teached with basics and that just leaves us with partial knowledge in the area of our interest and the only thing we really learn.

The core information is constantly growing, changing and evolving and there is no system that can update the data as fast as it is happening, so the core information that is teached is always out of date and just a part of history. Only our own mind is evolving fast enough and if we suffocate our mind with historical information we lose contact to the present and no one knows how to teach you to live in the present.

The schools are no way near of an ideally working system its only accepted because no one has created better and free will school is much better it stands for what humans are and need, not for what a human wants. If you look our world from a perspective of life you realize that humans have only ruined their changes of survival for as long as there has been schools and there is not so much time for life to exist in planet earth if we keep on going like this, but if we start trusting humans and stop manipulating them like this we just might have a chance to see the next decade.
Posted by PureLogic 3 years ago
classes can be traditional-school subjects, or artsy things like choir and theater. All foreign languages are taught, and by native speakers of the language.
Posted by PureLogic 3 years ago
you only have to restart a class if the career was not enjoyable,and you would like to try for something else.
Posted by PureLogic 3 years ago
free will school is a very good idea. however, i think that everyone should start taking some basic classes, and see if they like them. when the student is ready to start deciding what classes they enjoy, they can take these instead. a student can drop a coarse after three weeks of trying it, and can start a new class once every three weeks, if they would life to. they do not have to. everyone must start by picking three classes, and go from there. students can be moved up a level in a class, or moved down a level, if the instructor finds it necessary. this is only for single classes. students in a level or two higher on a coarse can start to apprentice a worker of a career related to the class, and can do multiple of these. old teens and young adults can get jobs with these places after apprenticing, and can start classes again at any time. there are still some classes based on age group, but some are not. you can choose either.
Posted by cheyennebodie 3 years ago
And when about half of them stay out, what a boon that would be for taxpayers.They can stay out and be uneducated instead of going to government schools and be uneducated.

There was only one time I ever played hooky. walking down the hollow when he said, why not play hooky. It was about 8th grade. We went down to the river and hung out at a cabin we had built.It was great for about 20 minutes.Then we realized we had to stay there all day. We were sure the truant officer was looking for us. He wasn't. And we knew we could not go home. We made the play and had to see it through. We did write each others excuses and got away with it. But that was the last time we did that. School is not all that bad, unless toy are being indoctrinated by liberal teachers . Then it is destructive.
Posted by Defro 3 years ago
You should edit your argument. Elaborate more. Make clarifications. You haven't yet explained what this "free will school" entails, therefore leaving you vulnerable to your potential contender's interpretation.
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct for the forfeit. As to arguments, Pro failed to show that his proposal was better in any meaningful sense than the current system--and did not really respond to Con's argument against. I'm rather surprised since, to be honest, Con's argument was scanty (and had a forfeit!), and Pro's was certainly longer, but Pro just didn't fulfill his BoP. As always, happy to clarify this RFD.