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furries should be legalised

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Started: 8/6/2015 Category: Arts
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ive been a furry for twelve years now & im sick of the discrimination. we are people too (lol well not rly but u get me XD :3). we should all join together as one nation because i sick of it. can my fellow furries please come together (tell me ur fursona!!) and debate on this? why is this nation so opposed to our kind?


Given the topic for this debate, my opponent must share facts about how being a "Furry" is illegal in any way. Technically, anyone has the right to search up images of Furry's without it being illegal; and can choose to wear a fursuit in public on their own accord. So I ask my opponent, how are Furry's illegal, when it is clearly seen that they can express their beliefs?

If the debate is about Furry's not being discriminated, then I would be for "Pro"; but the given topic is assuming that Furry's are illegal, even though there are no illegal actions of dressing in a costume.
Debate Round No. 1


you are most definitely wrong my friend. furries are illegal because they are discriminate. i would know because my father was sent to jail for crossing the border as a furry. you're wring.


My opponent clearly is confused on both the meanings of "illegal" and "discriminate". I will happily define both terms:

Illegal: Contrary to or forbidden by law, especially criminal law
Discriminate: Recognize a distinction; differentiate

As we can see, they both are completely different on what my opponent refers to on whats "illegal". One is for a wrong action, and the other is for a wrong attitude. So given the topic, and my last argument, Furry's are not illegal, they are just discriminated.

Also, I asked my opponent to provide me with evidence to prove that Furry's are illegal, and he has failed to compromise. As well as my opponent did bring up one thing,quote as: "I would know because my father was sent to jail for crossing the border". First off, don't you hear yourself talk. I'm sorry your father was sent to jail, but he did an illegal action that threw him in jail. No one just simply "crosses" the border, without doing it illegally. It was not because of being a Furry, it was because of his decision of actions.

I still stand upon my argument that Furry's are technically not illegal because anyone can dress up in a costume, or look up images online. Discriminatory yes, but that isn't the topic when we clearly see the topic being: "Furry's should be legalized".
Debate Round No. 2


this is absolutely appalling. how dare u. first of all furries ARE illegal r u stupid? did you even go to debate school? discrimnate = ILLEGAL. God. how many times do i have to say it. my point here is that furries should be legalised. much like how black people are discriminated against, they need to be legalised too so that they aren't discriminated anymore. same with furries.


Stated under "Nolo" it states what is illegal to discriminate. "Federal Law prevents discrimination of the basis of race, gender, pregnancy, national origin (including affiliation with a Native American tribe), religion, disability, citizenship status, genetic information, and age". As we can see here, the law of discrimination does not apply to the Furry community in any way.

In my first argument, my opponent did not see that I stated: "Technically, anyone has the right to search up images of Furry's without it being illegal; and can choose to wear a fursuit in public on their own accord". It does not state that no one can be a Furry, which means that it isn't illegal. As well as if we look at the constitution, we clearly see "Freedom of Speech and Belief". So anyone can technically be a Furry without any legal attacks.

As well as my opponent has failed to provide any facts, failed to keet his conduct, with the quote in this round: "First of all furries ARE illegal r u stupid", and has made fatal grammar mistakes within this short debate; like given in the quote. The debate is clearly easy to determine who has won, and I wish my opponent "Good Luck" for any future debates.

Also I did do Speech and Debate in High School, and won numerous tournaments for "Lincoln-Douglas".
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by psyrus 2 years ago
I've know people who were furries, not really my thing but that's fine. I don't think they are discriminated against as much as Pro thinks. In his case there are deeper issues. Anyhow, people generally discriminate against things they don't understand. It's an evolutionary defense mechanism but that doesn't make it right. But, in my experience the most discrimination furries face are minor jokes and hardly anything in comparison to racism and homosexuality. So I wouldn't consider this a hot topic and a generalized discrimination topic would be a more important one.

The sex part of furries, just keep it to yourself. Sex should not be a public thing, that's why it's illegal to screw each other in the streets. Otherwise, get your kink on however you please.
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